Snow Angels

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The Snow Angel request form and waitlist are closed for the 2023-2024 season. The waitlist will reopen if/when additional volunteers are identified. Residents who are not signed up are encouraged to find alternative snow removal services for the winter season. Residents currently on the waitlist will be notified if a Snow Angel match is made but should have alternative services planned for upcoming snow events. The Volunteer Cranberry team would like to thank the many volunteers who have signed up to serve Cranberry residents this winter season.

Volunteer to be a Cranberry Snow Angel 

Just a few more volunteers are needed meet the number of requests received! Scroll down to fill out form!

Winter storms and snow-covered sidewalks can be hazardous. Cranberry Snow Angels is a part of  the Volunteer Cranberry umbrella of volunteer opportunities. The program is designed to help minimize the difficulties of snow storms by matching community volunteers with elderly or disabled residents to assist with snow removal.

The Cranberry Snow Angels program will assist residents in their time of need after snow storms pass. Snow Angels will be partnered with residents to remove snow and help keep sidewalks and driveways safer for everyone. 

The program runs from December 11 until the last snowstorm of the season/April 1. Sign up using the forms at the bottom of this page.

Points to Note: 

  • Groups of volunteers are encouraged to work together. Gather friends, family, clubs, church groups, employees, or individuals to partake in meaningful community service.
  • The volunteer provides snow shovels and any other equipment deemed necessary by the volunteer.
  • Volunteers must be 15 years old OR be accompanied by a parents/guardian.
  • Clear snow at your convenience; weekends, morning, or afternoon.
  • Commit to taking at least one home, or more, as time permits.
  • All homes will be located in Cranberry Township.
  • Volunteers are required to complete the online application which includes a liability waiver and photography use agreement.  All participants must complete, electronically sign, and submit the form before a volunteer match can be made.
  • This program differs from Leaf Angels - Snow Angels are asked to commit to shoveling a resident's home for the duration of the winter/after major snowstorms. The volunteer and requestee should work together to determine the number of visits desired.

What's Next? 

After completing the online form to volunteer as a Cranberry Snow Angel, volunteers will be paired with a nearby neighbor in need. The Township will contact both the volunteer and requestee when a pair has been made.  Watch for snow and begin to volunteer!

Snow Angel Requests 
The Snow Angel request form and waitlist are closed for the 2023-2024 season.

Request a Snow Angel to Help You

  • Residents who need assistance with snow removal must complete the “Request for Need” application form, available below. The form includes a liability waiver and photography use agreement.  All residents must complete, electronically sign, and submit the form before a volunteer match can be made.
  • To receive snow removal assistance, a resident must have a physical disability or be age 60 or older.  A resident seeking volunteer assistance must lack alternative snow removal resources and be a resident of Cranberry Township.  
  • The Program Manager will conduct a screening call with the resident and confirm that service is needed.   After approval, the resident will be matched with a volunteer. The Township will strive to connect the volunteers with residents in proximity of the home address, when possible.
  • Once a connection is made, it is the responsibility of the participants to schedule the visit(s).
  • Requests may pause while we wait for additional volunteers to sign up.

Patience is appreciated as the Volunteer Cranberry team locates volunteers. Once a volunteer is located, Volunteer Cranberry will contact the volunteer and resident. Volunteer assistance in the Snow Angels program is dependent on volunteer availability. Requests may pause to wait for additional volunteers.