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Volunteer-Cranberry-300px.pngVolunteer Cranberry is a resource for people, groups, and businesses within the Township that are interested in donating their time towards the betterment of the community. The purpose of this program is to act as a liaison between projects and potential volunteers looking for opportunities.

Cranberry Township offers a number of opportunities for service, including the groups listed below.

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Cranberry TogetherThe Cranberry Township community isn’t shy about supporting each other. Fundraisers, charity drives and service projects are commonplace and a large part of what makes the Township a great place to live, work and play.

Now, with many people in our area facing an unprecedented shutdown of daily life, that community spirit is needed more than ever. That’s why the Township is seeking individuals to help ease the burden the pandemic is having in our area. 

From delivering essential basic human needs like food, water, or toiletries, volunteers can help make the day a little brighter in a term of uncertainty.  

Learn more about our Community Response Team and how you can be involved.

Learn more about Township projects where volunteer help is needed.

Contact Volunteer Cranberry
Email : Volunteer@cranberrytownship.org
Application: Volunteer Application (for projects)