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Monday, January 17 - Winter Storm Update

The Snow Angel Program is a courtesy to residents and runs when/if volunteers are secured. The program is temporarily suspended for residents who need help shoveling, as we seek additional volunteers. Thanks to the many volunteers who have been already matched with residents!  To volunteer, please use the form below. 

Everyone - Please assist our Public Works by following these tips:
* Stay off roads until snow event has ended - only drive if necessary.
* Do not park on Township streets. 
* Keep basketball hoops, snow forts, parked cars in driveway, and non-permanent seasonal items 10 feet from the edge of street. 
* Do not move snow from driveways and sidewalks into the street.

Click the button to: Volunteer to be a Snow Angel

Volunteer to be a Snow Angel

Volunteer to be a Cranberry Snow Angel

After you complete the online form to volunteer as a Cranberry Snow Angel, you will be paired with a nearby neighbor in need. The Township will contact you when you have been matched with a neighbor.

Winter storms and snow-covered sidewalks can be hazardous. Cranberry Snow Angels is a program designed to help minimize the difficulties of snow storms by matching community volunteers with elderly or disabled residents to assist with snow removal.

It’s important to Cranberry Township to foster community relations with residents. The Cranberry Snow Angels program will assist residents in their time of need after snow storms pass. 

Snow Angels will be partnered with residents to remove snow and help keep sidewalks and driveways safer for everyone. 

1/16/2022   We are placing Snow Angel Requests on a temporary hold, while we recruit more volunteers. The link (box) below is NOT active.  Thanks for your patience as we find more volunteers.

Request Snow Angel Help

Request a Snow Angel to Help You

To request volunteer assistance, please complete the online form.  To receive snow removal assistance, a resident must have a physical disability or be age 60 or older.  A resident seeking volunteer assistance must lack alternative snow removal resources and be a resident of Cranberry Township.  

Your patience is appreciated as we locate a volunteer to assist with your snow removal needs. Once we locate a volunteer, we will be in contact with you. Volunteer assistance in the Snow Angels program is dependent on volunteer availability.