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Neighborhood Block Party Reservation Form

  1. Does your neighborhood have an HOA?*
  2. Do you want to use the Block Party trailer?*
  3. If you would like to have Emergency Services pay a visit to your Block Party, please allow at least three weeks notice to schedule. Visits are based on availability of first responders.
  4. Would you like to host a visit from Cranberry Township Emergency Services?
  5. Block Party Equipment Use Agreement and Waiver of Liability

    On behalf of myself and my HOA/Neighborhood, we agree: This Block Party Trailer Equipment Use Agreement is effective the day this form is submitted by and between Cranberry Township and the HOA/Neighborhood organization listed on the form.

    The Township has a Block Party Trailer, agrees to allow the HOA/Neighborhood the free use of equipment for the event on the requested date. 

    HOA/Neighborhood represents and warrants that 1) it will use the Equipment solely for its intended use; 2) it will follow all instructions from the Township staff regarding the Equipment, as well as instructions provide with and specific to the Equipment; 3) it will return all the Equipment at the end of the Event in the same condition, less normal wear and tear; and 4) it will monitor and supervise the use of the Equipment throughout the Event. 

    The Township will deliver the equipment to the Event and remove the equipment at the end of the Event.  The  HOA/Neighborhood is not permitted to move the equipment or use it for an event or purpose not previously approved.

    The HOA/Neighborhood agrees to indemnify and to hold harmless the Township, its elected officials, officers, agents, employees, and servants from all responsibility, liability, and costs including attorney’s fees, for any bodily injury, damage to persons or property, expense or loss to any person or property caused by or arising from the use of the Equipment or this Agreement.

    In the event a claim would be made by any third party against the Township, the undersigned HOA/Neighborhood, agrees to fully cooperate with the Township, its insurance carriers or any other person or organization designated by the Township to investigate such claims, and to provide such information as shall reasonably be necessary and/or required.

    The applicant listed above represents that he/she is an authorized signature for this Agreement and has the authority to execute this Agreement on behalf of the HOA/Neighborhood.

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