Budgets and Financial Reports

The 2019 Budget was adopted by the Board of Supervisors on December 13, 2018

The General Fund portion of the expense budget – the part that includes the services people normally associate with local government – is projected to come in at just under $23.5 million, a six percent increase from 2018. No tax rate changes are included. The budget’s priorities adhere to Cranberry’s updated comprehensive plan. It fully funds the state-mandated police pension program and continues the fiscal practices that earned the Township Moody’s top credit rating in 2018. In addition, the Township operates five Enterprise Funds – sewer, water, trash, swimming and golf – which are financed by user fees rather than tax revenues. Their total expenses for 2019 are budgeted at $45.6 million. Review the budget document below. (Note: This is a large file)

Current and Past Annual Budgets

Current and Past Financial Statements