CTPA Members

Scheduling: Court Reserve

Our schedules run through a software program call Court Reserve. When you become a member, we will invite you to register and enter a password.  New members, please see the tab on left for more details.

CTPA Club Rating  

Promotion Evaluation: After a one year trial CTPA has decided to make Promotional Evaluation a permanent method for members to obtain a CTPA Club rating or to advance to the next level.  You can also qualify for a CTPA Club Rating with a current USAP rating based on at least  three tournaments and the last tournament within 6 months.     We will not accept IPTPA or any other rating system to qualify or advance  to another level.   

To learn more about Promotion Evaluation, new rating procedures, please click here  NEW CLUB RATING PROCEDURE

Temporary or Injury Rating Reduction:  A  member can ask for a temporary rating reduction WITHOUT impacting their Club Rating in cases of injury or other reasons.  At any time the member can ask to have their original rating restored WITHOUT having to go through the Promotion Evaluation process.  For example, lets say a person with a 3.5 club rating has a shoulder injury requiring surgery,  that person can request to be temporarily be rated at 2.5 or 3.0 during their rehab in order to have access to the 2.5 or 3.0 schedule and can ultimately go back to a 3.5 rating when they feel they are ready.....all without any evaluation.

QUESTIONS, regarding ratings Email: Contact@CTPApickleball.com

CTPA Membership Cards    
Please display cards at all times!

  • Your membership fees help to generate the revenue to build the eight courts and the recent expansion of five more.  In exchange, the township allows CTPA members  to use the courts 6 AM to 1 PM and 5 PM to 9 PM seven days a week.  ONLY MEMBERS are allowed to play during these hours.  Therefore your membership card must be displayed on your bag and your bag MUST be against the fence or hanging on the fence with the card facing out.

  • If you find someone left their membership card behind, put the card in the locked mailbox on Court 1 and the card will be returned to the owner.

  • Non-members are not permitted to play on our courts during CTPA hours....even if there is an empty court they must exit the court. Again the court expansion are being paid with membership fees and therefore those times are for members only.  If you invite a nonmember to play, you MUST purchase a Guest Pass in advance. 

Guest Passes: for Member’s Guests

Only you as a member can buy a guest pass for a non-member you want to invite to play. You do this by going onto Court Reserve for the day you are planning to have the guest and go to 9 PM. You can then register and pay ($5) for one guest pass.  If you are planning to have more than one guest, you will need other members to buy a pass for the other guests.  You must buy the guest pass BEFORE the event. Please be fair to everyone who bought a yearly membership by making sure YOU bought a pass for your guest.

  • INDOOR PLAY-Guest:  If you invite a guest to play in a YFP or other fee event, that member must pay the court fee PLUS a $5 guest pass. For example lets say you buy a YFP for $16 or $4/person and have one guest, then you must also get a $5 guest pass for the day you are playing. So the total cost with one guest would be $21.

    Checking to verify a Member bought a Guest Pass If you want to verify that a member did buy a guest pass just go to Court Reserve and verify that a pass was purchased. That members name should be on the list.  If they did bring a guest and did not purchase the guest pass you can either POLITELY explained to that member or report it to any committee member and we will address it.

Guest Pass:  For Non-Members interested in joining CTPA, who want to try it out first  

Interested in joining but want to learn more about CTPA?  We will provide you with a FREE  "one-time"  guest pass and connect you with a member to play and learn more about CTPA. Email Contact@CTPApickleball.com and we will provide you with a pass. If you know a CTPA member and want to play with them specifically please mention their name in the email.

Guest Pass:  For Out-of-Town players looking to play while they are visiting the area  

We are not geared for drop in guests because of the way we schedule courts. None the less feel free to email Contact@CTPApickleball.com and we will try to do our best to accommodate you or suggest other places to play. Guest pass is $7.  If you get into area  a few times a year and  live over 100 miles away  we do have a special discounted membership that you may be interested in.    

Getting Involved - Volunteers needed

Our organization is completely made up of volunteers who are devoted to pickleball and want to build a better association and facility.  We need volunteers to help with many parts of our organization from Session Coordinators, Level Coordinator, Communications, Early Learners & advance beginner coordinators, Promotional evaluation controls, Social Media-Communications, Special events Coordinators and many other needs.  If you have any interests in helping us make CTPA a better organization please contact brucemazzoni@zoominternet.net or bwatkiss@zoominternet.net  .

Getting Out to Play

We know sometimes it is confusing how to schedule and get started playing pickleball within an association as large as CTPA. Therefore we encourage you to reach out to us and we will help you get started. You can email Bill B. at wwbill4@yahoo.com or Conni M. at connimazzoni@outlook.com  .