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CTPA PB-1/Fast Track Clinic & Early Learners Program

We have taught over 500 people how to play pickleball, many of those now playing at the highest level of the game. We know a thing or two about how best to build a strong foundation so you can properly advance your skills.  This program includes a paddle & ball to keep and take home, a full agenda with self-help tips, a two hour clinic with a 4 students with one instructor on the court the whole time, up to three 2-hr Early Learners outdoor sessions and priority wait list to become a member without paying any other waitlist fees.   This is up to 8 hours of personilize training for less than $10/hour and a great way to really understand the game the correct way. 

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CTPA Pickleball Academy Foundation (FS Series) and Progression (PS Series)

There is nothing similar in the nation to the CTPA Pickleball Academy.  We focus on ten different pickleball skills and hold clinics focused to those skills at different rating levels.  Take "dinking" as an example.  We will teach a beginner or advance beginners the basic foundation to develop the proper technique in dinking. Then we offer a separate clinics for 3.0 , 3.5 & 4.0 levels to advance those skills, including learning drills to continue to perfect those skills after the clinic.  It is learning the game the proper way rather than developing bad habits that limits your game.  If you are really serious to be a better player this is the proper way to learn the game, skill by skill and over time.  Available to only CTPA members.

PB Foundation  and Progress

Why start the first series of skills with dinking?                                                                                                                              Because most beginners avoid playing close and prefer to play at the back court, but for doubles this is not the way to be successful.

FS 1 Dinking
PS 1 Dinking
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A wide variety of clinics have been developed with over 20 different subjects and length of times. Each clinic is then developed for a specific skills level offering four different levels on each subject. Clinics range from $25 to $40/person for a class of 4 to 8 students.  All clinics are scheduled on Court Reserve.

Ball Machine Clinics

Learn a specific paddle/shot  skill in the clinic including the proper way to practice on our ball machine.  Practice for several hours on the ball machine  and return for the following up clinic to further improve that skill.