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1. Where can the proposed overlay be used?
2. What process has been undertaken to consider this proposal?
3. Why is Cranberry considering this zoning overlay?
4. Does this proposal have the potential to “increase the population of Cranberry by 50%?”
5. Does this proposal “make all future development high density?”
6. Is this proposal intended to promote “high density” development?
7. Will these developments eliminate green space?
8. Will this allow more mixed-use developments similar to the Meeder development?
9. How would these developments impact traffic?
10. How would these developments compare to existing housing options?
11. What oversight and regulations exist for these developments?
12. Does this mean these types of developments are imminent?
13. Does this guarantee such developments will be built?
14. Are impact studies required for new developments?
15. How does the zoning proposal impact schools?