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1. How close to a fire hydrant can I plant trees, shrubs or flowers?
2. When will my road be plowed?
3. What should I do if my mailbox is hit by a snowplow?
4. When will my road be resurfaced (paved)?
5. My road is on the resurfacing list, when will it be paved?
6. Do I need a permit to pave or repave my driveway?
7. Do I need permission to install a utility, sprinkler system or similar objects in Township right-of-way?
8. I have a site distance problem at an intersection, who do I contact to see if it can be fixed?
9. Who maintains pipes/culverts underneath roadways?
10. Who clears debris and/or repair erosion along stream channels?
11. Who maintains street catch basins?
12. Who maintains detention facilities?
13. Who handles stormwater complaints or concerns?