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Fishing Pond

Subfacility of Graham Park

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  1. Fishing Lake
  2. Little Library, leave one/take one
  3. Parking
  4. Wi-Fi, provided by Armstrong
This is a catch and release fishing pond. Fish must be released without harm, immediately after landing.

Enjoy our Pond by observing these guidelines: 
  • The pond is open to all residents and visitors and fishing is permitted during daylight hours.
  • No more than two lines, per person.
  • A PA fishing license is not required.
  • The pond is stocked with bass and bluegill.
  • Live bait, such as crayfish, minnows, frogs, leeches, crickets, bait fish, or salamanders may not be used as bait.
  • All types of worms and artificial lures are permitted.
  • Barb-less hooks or hooks which have had their barbs blunted are strongly recommended.
 For everyone's safety, including our fish!
  • Boats or floating devices are not permitted, except by special permission.
  • Swimming or wading is not permitted.
  • The use of firearms, archery, or spears, for the taking of fish or frogs is prohibited.
  • The use of nets, cages, or traps are also prohibited.
  • No ice fishing.
  • No chumming, or use of artificial light to attract fish.
  • Do not feed the geese or any other wildlife.