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  2. What Businesses are Eligible for the “Sustainable Business” Designation?

    Sustainable Pittsburgh, in collaboration with Cranberry Township, provides the designation to businesses who can answer yes to the following criteria and who can provide documentation backing their claims if chosen to be reviewed for verification.

    Obtaining a Sustainable Business Designation involves participating in a voluntary program that recognizes businesses for implementing actions that are simultaneously good for their bottom line, the environment, and the social fabric of their communities. Businesses that incorporate sustainable practices into their operations are showing their intentions to improve their performance and as such stand out as valuable contributors to their local community business districts.

    The “Sustainable Business” designation helps consumers to identify and choose businesses who are committed to sustainability and who view sustainability as core to their mission and business model.

  3. Instructions

  4. Please review the checklist below. Businesses must meet at least one criterion in each set of the Sustainable Business Essential topics, or meet at least 15 total criteria in order to be given the designation. Once you have submitted this on-line form, it will be directed to both Sustainable Pittsburgh and Cranberry Township. Someone will contact you to inform you if you have been certified or if you need to take additional steps. Assistance will be given to those who do not achieve certification.

  5. If you have questions or need additional information, please contact:

  6. Cranberry Township
    Nancy.Auer@cranberrytownship.org 724-776-4806 x1104

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