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Posted on: December 28, 2020

Pickleball public play hours for 2021

Because of the growth of CTPA, and demand for play from our members, free Public Play hours are from 1 PM - 4 PM all days except Tuesday/Thursday when the public times are 1 to 3:30.

CTPA reserves the rights to schedule certain events during public times.  Members of the public may purchase a court pass during certain CTPA times, based on availability.  (7-9 AM; 11 AM-1 PM; 4 PM-6 PM ).   

Passes MUST be purchased in advance through the Parks & Recreation Customer Service desk in the Municipal Center at a cost of $20 per court for residents and $25 per court for non-residents, for a two hour segment listed above.  The pass must be displayed on the court fence during play.  Any non-member, without a pass during  CTPA hours, will be asked to leave.   CTPA members cannot purchase nor play using a Court Pass.

Public Play is based on our YOUR FOUR Format.   One group can play on a court, until all courts are full.   When this happens, when you finish your game to 11, you must exit the court and one person from thefgroup will then queue their paddle at the queuing station, until another group finishes their game, then the next person in the queue will go to that court and that group will then queue on of their paddles in the queueing station.

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