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Jul 19

[ARCHIVED] Fact or Fiction: Township Zoning Ordinance Update

The original item was published from July 19, 2021 10:38 AM to July 19, 2021 10:40 AM

Oh, the things you hear (or read)!

The Township is aware of a plethora of misinformation being distributed throughout the community regarding a proposed zoning ordinance update.

To be clear, the representations made in some of the initial social media posts is inaccurate and features exaggerated and fabricated statements and figures.

The Board of Supervisors has always welcomed constructive feedback on proposed initiatives, and this proposal is no different.  

Originally introduced over six months ago, the Board of Supervisors, after receiving some initial resident concerns, directed staff to work with a citizens group who hired their own professional planner to review the proposal. The Board is now considering a revised proposal that is the product of that citizen engagement, including the input and endorsement of our citizen-led Planning Advisory Committee.     

The purpose of the proposed ordinance, rooted in the recommendations of the Cranberry Plan, is to provide the community with a sustainable mix of housing options that appeal to various ages and demographics.  

The proposal provides for a housing mix that creates more choice for potential home buyers. It also offers housing options for current residents wanting to stay in the Township but seeking to upsize or downsize their homes. 

It would NOT permit “high density” developments but instead would allow for developments at the same density of existing neighborhoods like Clearbrook, Freedom Woods, The Woodlands, Bellevue Park and Park Place. The revised proposal furthers the Board of Supervisors long-time commitment to ensuring the Township continues to be one of the most desirable and healthy communities in the state for many years to come.   

The ordinance would not allow the same density found in developments such as the Meeder plan, nor will it allow commercial uses or high-density multifamily housing. 

I can only speculate as to why inaccurate information and inflammatory language is being used to drive the social media discourse. However, I do encourage you to get the facts. 

Here is a link to FAQs and other information regarding the ordinance:

If you would like to talk with someone in person, please do not hesitate to contact me or Ron Henshaw, our Director of Planning and Community Development, at 724-776-4806 or email us through the Township website.  

The meeting at which the proposal is being considered is July 29. As always, the Board of Supervisors welcome your attendance and comments.