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Apr 12

You’ve Got A Friend In Cranberry

Posted on April 12, 2021 at 1:47 PM by Dan Santoro

Randy Newman’s whimsical, classic song “You’ve Got A Friend In Me,” defined friendship and commitment better than anyone could say it.

Oddly, it also applies to the way Cranberry Township has operated for more than three decades:

“There isn't anything I wouldn't do for you/We stick together and see it through.”

In succeeding the incomparable Jerry Andree, I knew there would be large shoes to fill. Not only was he an amazing leader, but he was also a friend to all – especially me. His guidance and support were invaluable, and something I could never repay.

As long as I’ve been involved with the Township, I have understood the positive impact the decisions that Jerry and the Board of Supervisors made that are providing results for this and future generations. To now be more intimately involved in those decisions is humbling.  

Jerry and the Board didn’t write the lyrics, but they and the community wrote the Cranberry Plan. And the goal since its inception has been simple: stick together, see it through.

Some of these results are highlighted in our quarterly newsletter, “Cranberry Today.” If you had a chance to read the Spring 2021 issue, you know that I will continue to implement the community-created Cranberry Plan which will guide the Board’s decisions in policies and legislative agendas through 2030.  And although adopted in 2016, the Plan is regularly updated to ensure a healthy and sustainable community.

As I wrap up my first quarter as Manager, I’m pleased to report the transition has been smooth. I’m proud to say the services, programs and other offerings Cranberry residents expect continue to function at a high level, and our staff is ramping up for a busy, safe summer.

Our parks will soon be filled with residents of all ages. We plan to safely hold as many outdoor events as possible, including the Farmers Market, our concert series, and movies in the park. The Waterpark will offer an inviting way to cool off, and our Camp Cranberry will give kids a chance to socialize and enjoy the sunshine.

Obviously, things change. As we continue to monitor the pandemic, we can and will make changes as necessary to make sure we keep staff and residents safe. But for now, it’s an optimistic full steam ahead.

The same can be said for projects around the Township that will make traveling a much smoother process. The MSA Thruway tunnel beneath Route 228 should be completed in early summer, and work continues to expand Rochester and Freedom roads. A PennDOT project to resurface Route 19 will greatly improve travel on one of the busiest roads in the Township. By the end of 2021, traveling around and through Cranberry will be a much better experience.

Ultimately, that’s what the Board of Supervisors, Township staff and myself seek to accomplish each day: how do we make the experience of living, working, and playing in Cranberry Township better? While we have a solid foundation and road map for how to achieve our goals, we can’t do it without you.

My request of you is to get involved however you can. Engage with our social media accounts. Attend Board and Commission meetings. Check out our various publications, flyers, videos and other communications that aim to keep you informed.

And, most importantly, if you have any feedback, requests, concerns or just want to say hello, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

This is our community. Let’s continue to make it better, together, for the next 30 years and beyond. I’m honored and humbled to be your Township Manager, neighbor and, most importantly, friend.

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