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Jan 08

[ARCHIVED] Westinghouse Sale Shows the Power of Community

The original item was published from January 24, 2020 2:15 PM to January 8, 2021 9:28 AM

Numbers don’t lie. But perhaps sometimes they don’t show the whole picture. 

If you’ve read any national real estate or regional news publication or watched the local news, you’ve heard the sale price of the property that houses Westinghouse’s global headquarters in Cranberry Woods. According to those reports, it is a record-setting amount. 

As one would suspect, the noise being made was about the sale price and the real estate transfer tax the Township and Seneca Valley School District would receive.  

Yes, the amount was not anticipated, meaning $727,000 will soon flow into Township coffers. 

However, that money will help meet our budget goal of $1.4M in real estate transfer revenue for 2020 and is less than 1 percent of our total Township budget. 

What those reports are missing – and what the numbers don’t show - is what this demonstrates about the faith of the private sector in the vitality of this community. A major investor willing to invest a record amount in Cranberry Township screams that they have confidence in what is happening here. 

Our community works very hard to build value that has staying power. The Cranberry Woods Business Park and the Route 228 Corridor is a testament to that commitment.  

The basic principle of our Cranberry Plan is to build and maintain a world-class community in which to live. Everything else will take care of itself – an idea that has proven to be true time and again. 

World-class companies have located here because they can find the kinds of employees they are seeking. The Cranberry Woods Business Park is also a testament to the shared vision of our community partner MSA Safety, the developer of Cranberry Woods, who shared the same vision of building a world-class community. 

So, yes, you and every resident of Cranberry Township should be smiling ear-to-ear. I consider our residents to be shareholders of this Township and as such, you experienced a huge outside investment into your community.  

Our task is to continue to ensure that investment is well cared for. We continue to be the place to invest not only in the companies located here, but into everything that makes this place such an attractive place to live, work and play. 

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