DOQ and Contour Information

The DOQ’s are scaled at thirty (30) acre increment tiles in electronic format with control points and contours. The cost of a single tile is $125.00.

Cranberry Township is requiring, in conjunction with the paper plans (Four (4) sets of plans at 11" x 17" in size and seven (7) sized at 24" by 36" with index for multiple sheets), an electronically digital submission of all drawings and plans for subdivisions, land developments, and conditional use applications in accordance with the following Public & Private Improvements Code (Chapter 87) requirements.

  • Digital Submission Requirements
  • All digital files submitted shall be based on accurate geometric calculations.
  • All coincident points on the external boundary will have the same coordinate values, i.e. boundary lines will be conterminous.
  • Boundaries will be transmitted as a closed figure. For example, in DXF or DWG a boundary would be represented as one polyline rather than a series of lines, arcs and curve
  • Data Layering - Digital submissions shall have all layers clearly and separately represented. Included with all digital submissions a document shall be included outlining the following:
  • A list of all layers used with a description of what those layers represent
  • A list of all point files and break lines with a description of any abbreviations.
  • Coordinate System - All drawings must be in PA Stateplane projection, PA South Zone, NAD83 datum. Units shall be in US feet.
  • Format - All drawings must be submitted in AutoCAD drawing (.dwg) or AutoCAD interchange (.dxf) format on either 3.5" floppy disk or CD-ROM.

Request for purchase of digital photography form