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AllegPlasticsThe Color of Money: Cranberry based Allegheny Printed Plastics offer new offset press

The exquisiteness of printing plastic products like gift cards, loyalty cards, or access key cards never looked so good.

Allegheny Printed Plastics recently installed a five-color, 40-inch Komori offset press with LED-UV ink curing. A specialty producer of loyalty, gift, membership, and other custom card products, 85-year-old Allegheny Printed Plastics has an extensive history of investing in the innovative technology required to best serve its advancing markets. The addition of the Komori press, along with the completion of a 15,000 square foot plant expansion, highlight Allegheny’s commitment to meet the demand for unique product solutions on plastic and paper substrates. 

Don Ranalli, president of Allegheny Printed Plastics stated that business remained strong despite an ambiguous national business environment.   

“Even in the midst the uncertain business environment brought on by the pandemic, we made the decision to remain focused on the future and purchase a new press,” he said of the Freedom Road facility. “We thoroughly evaluated digital print options in our due diligence and concluded that offset presses have advanced and now compete with digital even for small run sizes.” 

The company has a longstanding commitment to lean manufacturing principles; therefore, all products are produced using best practices to minimize waste and conserve resources. Komori, which developed the G40 to align with this philosophy, helps the company reduce material waste, save energy, and reduce noise, and provide the commitment to sustainability and efficiency. 

Allegheny Printed Plastics has impressed with an extensive selection of plastic product solutions for many industries including retail, gaming and entertainment, healthcare, hospitality and travel, associations and membership organizations, advertising and promotion, and government.  

So how good is the new offset press that serves these industries?  Les Gamble, operations manager for the company, notes that higher run speeds have lowered labor cost per job and the faster job set ups have lowered material costs per job as well. 

Given that the ‘G’ of the Lithrone G40 stands for green, the company appreciates that the high performance of this press was also created with consideration for the environment and ecology – not to mention it’s also the color of money. 

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