Pampered Pups

Doggy 6Pampered Pups: Camp Bow Wow pledges to please puppies

Suits or resumes aren’t required for interviews at Camp Bow Wow. 

Really, the only thing a potential canine visitor needs to display during their introductory interview is a willingness to play well with others – and maybe a wagging tail.

The doggy day care and boarding facility staff at 41 Progress Avenue take their pooch happy jobs seriously as owners are assured of quality care.

That’s evident by the colorful enrichment areas where pooches play in ball pits, or in the luxury suites that are equipped with televisions – often tuned to “Scooby Doo” – and a webcam feed allowing owners to watch their dog from anywhere.

That constant contact was what drew owners Del and Hydie Fike to want to open a Camp Bow Wow location. They were frequent customers at the Green Tree location, relying on the streaming camera for check-ins with their pups. They know perhaps more than anyone the nervousness that can exist when leaving pets for a long period.

“Sometimes the parents are a little more nervous than the puppy, but the cameras give them reassurance,” Del Fike said.

Each dog has its own cabin for sleep and feeding, and access to the large, indoor and outdoor play yards, and enrichment rooms during their stay. Staff follows any special requests and perform frequent health checks to make sure dogs are happy and comfortable.

They also receive plenty of TLC from the highly trained staff, as well as lots of social interaction with other dogs. Playtime is monitored to further ensure safety.

In addition to daycare and boarding, Camp Bow Wow also offers dog grooming services, and can accommodate special events like dog birthday parties. Pricing plans are all-inclusive.

The Cranberry location also will play host to community parties and adoption events in the future.

For more information and camp hours, visit or call 724-776-7297.