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Happy Feet: Northway Shoes & Repair Provides Soles for Souls 

In a recent interview, Danny DeMarco gave us the 'scoop'

What is the history of Northway Shoes & Repair? 
We have been a staple in the North Hills since as for back as the 1950s! The business changed hands a few times and in 1980 my father, Tony, took over and it has been in our family ever since. I started working with my Dad at a young age and had the privilege to learn the art of shoe repair. About 10 years ago I decided to take the retail end of our business in a new direction with the addition of work clothing like Carhartt and Timberland Pro work wear. This complimented our growing footwear lines and has paved the way to open a second location in Cranberry! 

What do you offer that people can’t find anywhere else?  
We carry brands that are not easy to find but are in very high demand. We love footwear that is made in the USA and carry brands like Danner Boots, Keen and Thorogood.  Our Birkenstock sandals line has grown exponentially, and we are now a destination for lovers of that brand.  When you marry top of the line brands with our expert shoe repair service you find a truly unique store with a staff who know shoes inside out…literally. We have built personal relationships with our customers that span generations. It is truly humbling when Grandpa brings in his grandson to buy his first “real pair of work boots”.

Talk about the old school notion of shoe repair/cobblers?  
The notion of preserving something you love in today’s throw-away society is something many of our customer connect to. A well-worn pair of shoes can be re-crafted to look and feel like “new”.  Shoe repair has been a wonderful way to recycle, reduce and reuse for many years, and who doesn’t love that? We can re-sole what we sell, so a customer can double the life of the purchase.  

This is one type of business that can’t be done electronically. How does that work in your favor? 
We love that this business can’t be done electronically. The work that is done by our craftsmen is old school, hands on work and in the digital world that we find ourselves in, many find that personal touch refreshing and nostalgic at the same time. We do have an online presence at, but the experience of coming into the store and smelling that leather just can’t be reproduced online.

Northway Shoes & Repair are a pillar in the North Hills, what made you decide to expand to Cranberry Township?
We have been told by our customers for years to please bring a store to Cranberry Township. We wanted to make it more convenient for our current Cranberry area customers.  Cranberry has welcomed us with open arms since we opened our doors in October. This community has been welcoming and positive and helpful since day one!

Can you share a fun fact about the business?
We repair so much more than just shoes... from belts, jackets, baseball gloves and purses to holsters, golf bags, dog leashes, and luggage the list really goes on and on.

You'll find Northway Shoes & Repair at 20273 Rt 19, Cranberry Township.
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