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Getting a haircut during the COVID-19 pandemic was considered a luxury item to many, as people flocked back into salons when restrictions were lifted. Customers waited for the triumphant moment when they could get their first coronavirus haircut.  

At Kreations Hair Studio and Spa, located at 2625 Rochester Road, they had to shut down for 4 strenuous months in a lockdown phase. According to salon owner Jenn Grossman, it turned her world and business upside down and put her business is a state of serious uncertainty.  

Her positive attitude and resilience, however, enabled her and her husband to reinvent how a salon and spa worked.  “Instead of allowing myself to have a negative mindset that my business was never going to reopen, I put a plan in place to reopen.”  Grossman carefully studied the CDC guidelines and created a checklist of what was needed when she got the green light to open.  

Her checklist included renovating the salon’s floor plan, by transforming the break room and spa area into personal stylist rooms, allowing each stylist to have their own person space to ensure both the clients and stylists were safe. 

The plan didn’t stop at the break room. Grossman rearranged the stylists’ work schedules and staggered them throughout the week. Every stylist works unique hours, so overlap doesn’t occur, thus eliminating high traffic in the salon. Grossman’s team only schedules one client at a time while encouraging customers to please wait in their cars until their appointment time.  

Along with the renovations and new scheduling, sanitizing the salon was taken to a whole different level. 

After the client leaves, the stylists use CDC approved disinfectant to wipe down chairs, walls, and doorknobs to welcome in their next client, with all capes sanitized after each use. Kreations stylists also encourage clients to use the hand sanitizer before checking out on the iPad. 


Currently, Kreations is appointment only and walk-ins are discouraged. Due to these regulations, Grossman introduced a new appointment software/app to allow reserving an appointment more seamless for clients. She hopes walk-ins will be available soon as she anxiously awaits the pandemic’s end.  “It’s a great feeling opening our doors to our amazing clients.  People came to quickly realize that taking care of one’s self and appearance is very important for the well-being - especially during these times. “

Grossman conceded that these hard times have been a blessing, because of the many connections she and her stylists have made with every client.  “The overwhelming support we have received has brought joyous tears to my eyes. For instance, one client took the time to write us a card for each month Kreations was closed. Each card included a check for a haircut she was not getting. This act of kindness as well as others is what I love about being a business owner in Cranberry,” added Grossman.  

“I feel very blessed that I still get to do what I love every day. Living through a pandemic is hard for everyone, not just business owners. Every time a client leaves our business with a smile on their faces thanks to not only our haircuts, but our dedication, support and empathy give me hope for the future.”  

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