Township Leadership

Official Boards, Commissions, and Committees

The responsibility for local governance involves many residents serving on a variety of appointed panels. The size, terms, responsibilities, schedules, and essential powers of these bodies are noted below. All members of these boards and commissions are appointed by the Board of Supervisors.

These include a Planning Advisory Commission, a Zoning Hearing Board, a Building and Fire Code Board of Appeals, Environmental Advisory Committee, and a Library Board of Trustees. Special purpose and ad hoc committees are also formed by the Board of Supervisors as needed. Their meeting schedules and agendas vary. Final decisions, however, reside with the Board of Supervisors. Every meeting includes an opportunity for local residents to address its members about any issue, regardless of whether it is on or off the agenda.  

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Building and Fire Codes Board of Appeals
Hears and rules on appeals by applicants to approve variances from the exact provisions of the Building/Fire Official, under the B.O.C.A. Building and Fire Prevention Codes enforced by the Township. For information, contact the Township Manager’s Office.

Environmental Advisory Committee
Careful planning and strict guidelines have gone a long way toward making sure development in the Township has as little environmental impact as possible. In the immediate future, the Committee intends to focus on enhancing the open space and buffer requirements, developing incentives for environmental quality measures and evaluating landscape requirements.

Library Board of Trustees
Governs the Township’s Public Library, hires staff members, sets objectives, controls its finances, and formulates its operating policies.

Planning Advisory Commission
Reviews all development plans submitted by builders within the Township, suggests modifications where needed, advises the Supervisors on development matters under the Township Zoning and Subdivision Ordinances and Comprehensive Plan, and recommends appropriate actions.
Planning Advisory Commission Meetings

Zoning Hearing Board
Hears and rules on appeals by applicants for variances or special exceptions from determinations by the Zoning Officer under provisions of the Township Zoning Ordinance.

Special Committees
Periodically, the Board of Supervisors creates special-purpose Ad-Hoc Committees to advise them on particular projects.

Application to volunteer on a Board, Commission, or Ad Hoc Committee

  1. Cranberry Township
  2. Cranberry Township, Manager's Office
    2525 Rochester Rd., Suite 400
    Cranberry Township, PA 16066

  3. Cranberry Township is always pleased to accept offers to volunteer for service on a board, commission or committee.

    The Township is fortunate to have civic-minded, progressive volunteers serving the Township who are committed to moving Cranberry Township forward in a positive manner. 

    The characteristics of the community’s volunteers that currently serve are: Ability to work with fellow members, staff and the public in a cooperative and collaborative manner; ability to facilitate and participate in discussions in a productive manner; ability to employ techniques to prevent divisive discussions and processes; assist in assuring an environment of respect for opposing views; ability to lead in a positive, constructive manner; history of community involvement; understanding of a community’s processes in building a shared vision; ability to digest and comprehend complex technical material and make sound recommendations and decisions on those facts; and the ability to embrace the diversity of the community.

    The information that you provide on this form will assist Cranberry Township in understanding your interest and your preferred avenue of service.

  4. Have you previously served in an appointed capacity for Cranberry Township?*
  5. In what role?
  6. Have you served on a Board or Commission organized by the governing body of another community?*
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  8. Acknowledgement

    I understand that if I am appointed to a Board, Commission or Committee organized by the Cranberry Township Board of Supervisors, that I would be responsible for adhering to any policies, rules, laws or guidelines established for the appointed position by the Township of Cranberry and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. I also understand that I may be subject to the provisions of the Pennsylvania State Ethics Act and may need to file annual financial statements. 

  9. Thank you for your Interest in serving your community.

    The Township will retain this form for two (2) years from the date of submittal. If you have any questions, please call the Township Manager at (724) 776-4806, ext. 1103.

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