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Smile Like You Mean It: Rhoads works to make patients, others smile

Dr. Stephanie Rhoads is all about putting smiles on people’s faces.

As an orthodontist at her own practice, Rhoads Orthodontics, she is constantly working to find new technologies and advancements to ensure a comfortable, easy visit that will leave her patients smiling.Rhoads Orthodontics

Outside of the office, Rhoads and her team continue that mission, working with local schools, civic groups and organizations to make a better community.

“We want to be really integrated in the community and give back wherever we can,” she said.

Rhoads has operated in Cranberry Township for six years and expanded her practice in 2018. The goal all along has been to create an environment where patients feel like family. That is extra important given the sometimes-difficult nature of the circumstances for visits.

“We’re in a unique position where we’re seeing people … at a vulnerable time of their life,” she said. 

However, Rhoads and her team of eight also get to see transformations happen and self confidence being built. She sees it in every school play or athletic event she attends to support her patients.

“We get to know our patients and their families really well,” she said.

Because of that connection, Rhoads focuses on staying current with her practices, constantly seeking new technology that can shorten the length of time and be as minimally invasive as possible. 

That search lead to the plan to use 3-D printing to create retainers in-house, a concept she hopes to roll out later this year. Not only does that speed up the process, but it involves her younger patients in the process by educating them and letting them see the mechanics happen.

Rhoads’ care for the community and focus on improving lives doesn’t just apply to her patients. 

She visits schools and clubs like the YMCA and Girl Scouts to talk about topics like anti-bullying. A recent campaign has Rhoads’ team handing out “Intentional Act of Kindness” cards around the community. The goal, she said, is to pass along a smile or two and start a chain reaction.

“The mission is spreading joy and building people’s confidence and trying to make their day better,” she said.

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