Ice Box Creamery and Cafe


Cheers for the IceBox Creamery

It must be nice that “everyone knows your name” - thanks in part to a loyal customer base of the Ice Box Creamery.

NOTE: in january 2019, The Icebox Creamery relocated to 519 Perry Way (around the back of Baldinger's Candy, on Rt. 19, before Zelienople) Ph? 724-776-3300.
The business was started by Linda Chahine, a former practicing attorney, who was born and raised in Ohio, and now a Cranberry resident for many years. As a business owner, Chahine knows the importance of offering an exceptional menu while providing a home-away-from-home atmosphere for her customers to feel cozy in – just like ‘Cheers’ did. 
The Creamery has been fortunate to rely on word-of-mouth advertising to keep the line moving from outside the door.  The line moves quickly because of Linda’s well-trained staff, so customers don’t have to wait long for the Creamery’s taste-pleasing menu. The menu is filled with unique ice cream flavors, that are made on-site in a gelato machine using premium ingredients including butterfat cream, natural fruits and nuts, as well as high quality chocolate.  They even carry short-season items such as peach, apple and rum raisin ice cream.  Linda doesn’t use any high fructose corn syrup in her recipes in response to customer demand, and reluctantly gave in to the use of Oreos and cookie dough pieces in some of her most popular varieties.  

The Creamery also caters to special dietary needs.  It operates in an allergy-friendly environment; it offers dairy-free vegan options; and it pays particular attention to avoiding cross-contamination of ingredients with its separated cabinets, dedicated scoops, and constant use of gloves. The Ice Box Creamery’s devoted band of customers are growing daily according to Linda, and she couldn’t have hoped for a better experience in building a new business. She’s also glad you know the name and always glad you came. Cheers!
Icebox ice cream