Emiliano's Restaurant

It has taken decades, but the taste for Mexican-style food has finally hit Western Pennsylvania big time.

Satisfying that hunger became a tremendous opportunity for restaurateurs Benigno and Vianeth Ulloa, who, since 2007, have opened four family-owned restaurants in the Greater Pittsburgh area, including one in Cranberry Mall. While some of its recipes have been adjusted to suit local tastes, Emiliano’s – named for the couple’s son – offers some of the region’s most authentic Mexican food, much of it taken from Ulloa’s own family recipes.

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Emilanos Restaurant
“The freshness of our ingredients is one of the main things,” according to Benigno. “When you pair those ingredients with recipes that have stood the test of time, you get delicious and authentic food.”

Emiliano’s caters to a family-centered clientele but also attracts business and professional customers, especially at its Cranberry location. Signature margaritas, flavorful food, and an authentic Mexican atmosphere keep customers coming back. As a result, Emiliano’s has grown to be one of Pittsburgh’s “go-to” restaurants for friends, neighbors, coworkers, organizations, fundraisers, and more. “We strive to be an asset to the community,” Benigno said. “We host Benefit Days for local organizations where a portion of our proceeds go back to their cause. We stay in touch with the community and with all the people who have made Emiliano’s successful
throughout the years. We are proud to share our heritage with our neighbors in the Cranberry area.” The restaurant features moderately priced brunch, lunch, dinner and children’s menus, along with a selection of appetizers, drinks and desserts, as well as happy hours from 4:00 until 6:00 every weekday, Monday through Friday.