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Don’t mess with Laura Prosser, a performance coach and part owner of Beyond Parallel Strength and Fitness center in Cranberry.  Not only is she in exceptionally good condition, she is also a highly accomplished weightlifter who officiates at weightlifting events throughout central and western Pennsylvania. 
Five years ago, together with co-owner, fellow weightlifter, and competitive crossfit athlete Ethan Helbig, Laura opened Beyond Parallel – a fitness center for clients of all ages.  By the end of 2015, their company was ready to grow and relocate to larger space at Cranberry Commerce Center.  

The business is organized around the concept that by adding functional fitness exercises to a normal routine, people can improve their daily activities and add years of good health to their lives.  Functional exercises are those which build balance and coordination while improving the individual’s strength and range of motion. 

At the same time, the owners strongly believe in building lean muscle mass and strength.  Metabolism and overall health increase more rapidly with strength training combined with cardiovascular exercises, as distinct from cardiovascular workouts alone, according to the Beyond Parallel website. 

“Many of our members started strength training hesitantly, because of the myths that strength training is only for athletes, or that it will affect your body in a negative way,” Laura said.  “These same people have seen incredible changes in their bodies, reaching both performance and physique goals in ways they never thought possible.”

Beyond Parallel offers three different types of programs: Strength and Fitness, Personal Training, and Hockey Strength and Fitness.  Each includes both strength and conditioning elements.  Its staff meets upfront with every new member to discuss their individual goals, and decide which program best meets their needs.  It also offers programs specially created for adults, teens and children from 6 to 11.
A typical class begins with a group warm up, followed by strength or skill work, then cardio exercises.  Staff coaches lead the class, ensuring that everyone is performing their lifts and movements properly.  In fact, one-on-one attention is a hallmark of the business and class sizes are capped so that every member can feel safe and personally cared for.  Everyone becomes part of the studio’s cadre of athletes who strive for constant improvement. 

But actions speak louder than words.  The company’s logo, alongside its prominently featured barbells, makes that clear.  On it, in Latin, is written: Acta Non Verba – actions, not words.