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cookie cutters haircuts for kids
There are moms everywhere that know the drill and the dread. 

Child needs a haircut.  Child hates haircuts.  Mom holds screaming, squirming child while stylist snips away diligently.  When it’s all said and done, everyone is exhausted – mom, child, and stylist.  

But those instances are far from the norm at Cookie Cutters Hair Cuts for Kids, a salon that caters specifically to children.  Featuring an indoor playground, fantasy chairs in the shape of the Batmobile and other vehicles, and tv’s playing Netflix and video games, Cookie Cutters aims to provide families with a one-of-a-kind haircut experience.  “We strive to provide a caring environment where we put both the child and parent at ease,” explains Traci Hockenberry, who owns and operates the salon with her husband Greg.  

Hockenberry’s staff of four stylists is skilled in cutting hair for all children and works hard to go the extra mile for those kids that may have special needs.  “Not all children like to get their hair cut.  We are aware of this struggle and do all we can to make the experience one that they will want to have again,” says Hockenberry.  

Located in Cranberry Gardens Plaza on Route 19, Cookie Cutters recently celebrated its Grand Opening, though the salon has been fully operational since March 2017.  Hockenberry selected Cranberry Township as prime location for her business based upon demographic research.  “We feel so welcome by the Township and by the other businesses in the plaza,” mentions Hockenberry.  Her plans for 2018 include continued service to her current clients and growth of the business. 

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