Jerry's Car Wash

Car Wash takes clean to the next level

Today, consumers can find a car wash on just about every corner. From laser to soft touch, do-it-yourself to drive-through, a car owner has many choices when it comes to caring for their vehicle. But that does not mean that all services are created equal. That’s especially true for those that know and frequent Jerry’s Car Wash in Cranberry Township. Jerry’s has a reputation for providing a car wash that not only results in a clean and shiny vehicle, but truly protects and preserves it well into the future.

Jerry Car Wash webJerry’s commitment to its customers is, and always has been, to provide a high-quality car wash, delivered with excellent customer service and add-on benefits that truly take “clean” to the next level. One of the biggest differentiators for Jerry’s is that every wash is finished with a towel dry by an attendant. Customers can also add vacuum service to any wash, and free self-service vacuums are available with every wash purchase. Additionally, over the years, Jerry’s has continued to invest in top-of-the-line equipment and technologies, ensuring the safety and care of every car that comes through the wash.

While “high-quality” may sound like “high-cost” to some, the menu proves it doesn’t take a fortune to wash and protect your vehicle. Jerry’s offers a range of wash packages and services at varying costs, with several inclusions and add ons. There are coupons available every day on their website, along with several value-added programs for customers including a VIP loyalty card, and email and text discount programs.

Plus, every Monday through Friday from 3-7 pm, customers stay in their cars for an Express Wash service at a reduced-rate, making it convenient to get in and on their way quickly.

Cranberry has been home to Jerry’s Car Wash for nearly 17 years. “We have a very loyal customer base in the Cranberry community,” states Mark Feldman, owner and operator of Jerry’s Car Wash. “Our attendants have come to know many of our customers by name and have created a level of trust and rapport that they just won’t find elsewhere.” These relationships are the foundation of why Feldman appreciates being in Cranberry, and they also fuel a commitment to giving back to the community. Jerry’s Car Wash supports a number of other local businesses with fundraising options, discount wash programs, baseball team sponsorships, and free washes for veterans on Veteran’s Day.

Jerry’s is one of three car washes operated by Feldman, which has always been a family business. The others operate under the name Northway Car Wash, with one located just down Route 19 in Wexford and the other located on Babcock Boulevard in Ross Township. With more than 20 years of managing multiple washes, Feldman has a true pulse on achieving and maintaining customer trust and satisfaction. “Many of our customers come through the wash as a way of protecting one of their most valuable investments – their vehicle – knowing we will care for it as if it were our own.”