North Boundary Park Disc Golf

Map of Disc Golf Course at North Boundary Park
Map of Learn to Play Course at North Boundary Park
North Boundary Park Disc Golf Scorecard

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Nature Trail and Disc Golf Course

Disc golf for parks webpageThe project includes two miles of nature trails, an 18-hole Championship disc golf course and a 6-hole Learn to Play recreational course, located on the 30-acre western portion of North Boundary Park.
The Nature Trail traverses the woods with a view of the course. It is accessible from North Boundary Road and the parking lot. Although the new nature trail has a distinct start and end, it is designed to easily connect with other nearby trails, creating a continuous loop throughout the park.

According to its designer, Cranberry Champion Disc Golf Course will be the nation’s best disc golf course - over 10,700 feet long and can be played as a full, par 72 course. Of the 7,400 disc golf courses that exist in the world, this will be one of the 10 longest courses and will be the longest course in the state. Its challenging terrain covers elevation changes, tight fairways and lots of trees to navigate around.

Each hole in the course has three different concrete tee pads, to allow play for those at every level of the game, including the long-throw championship level. Although the course will be nationally sanctioned for a rotation of tournaments, CTCC’s ultimate goal was to make it a premier course hosting a yearly multi-day tournament that attracts the game’s best players – the Cranberry Masters!

NBDGC 3The project was a joint effort of the Township and CTCC – the Cranberry Township Community Chest (CTCC) 2018 Project of the Year.  Previous CTCC projects have included the CTCC SportsCourts in Graham Park, Out of the Park Playground in Graham Park, Kids Castle playground in Community Park, multiple park-based fitness stations, the Scout Centennial Plaza, and the electronic community sign at the corner of Rts. 19 and 228.  Learn more about the project and how you can make a tax-deductible donation. Contact the Cranberry Township Community Chest 

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Massive new Disc Golf Course In Cranberry Reflects Booming Sport

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