Adaptive Signal Technology

Project: Adaptive Traffic Signal Technology

Project Manager: Kelly Maurer

Timeline: Grants - 2013 Freedom Road; 2014 Rt, 228; 2015 Rt. 19 (to Cranberry Square Dr.); 2016 - Rt. 19 completion (new award)

This project will add adaptive technology to the traffic signal system. The system will automatically “adapt” the traffic signals based on traffic conditions. 

Update: Rochester Road (Thomson Park to Haine School) - Fully adaptive traffic signal operation; Route 228 (I-79 to Franklin), Freedom Road (Route 19 to Thorn Hill), Route 19 (Francis to Cranberry Square) - Adaptive detection installation completed, activation anticipated 2018; Route 19 (Cranberry Square to Rowan) - Adaptive detection installation completed, equipment ordered; Freedom Road (Thorn Hill to Powell) - equipment ordered; Route 19 north (Glen Eden to Victory) - Grant submitted in November 2017.