Shootouts, round robin, ladders, leagues, practices/drill, single play, lessons

As a Competitive member of CTPA you will enjoy the competitive open play but you will have opportunities to also match your skills head on in more organized games.

Shoot-outs:it is basically a form of Ladders where people play different folks in a given set of games, shootouts are distinguished from Ladders in that there are typically two sets of three games (based on 8 people). In the first set of three games each person plays with each of the other three against the remaining two players, one game each time. Scores are kept and totaled. The top two point-scorers go “Up” a court, where they play their next three games (again, one game with each person) against the two-highest point scorers of the other court to determine first to fourth place, while the other two go “Down” a court where they – you guessed it – play the next three games against the next-lowest-rated group of players, one game with each person. Based on their point accumulated over those three games will determine fifth to last place. Games may first team to  11 or 15 points.  (No winning by two) 

Round Robins (or King of the Court) may contain up to 8 to 16 people of similar rating.  You will be assigned with 3 other players on a court, except there will be a time-limit to play with each partner.  Say for example 10 minutes, if we have 16 players.   You and your current partner try to get as many points as possible in the 10 minutes.  Then you switch partners and you repeat for the next 10 minutes.  Then you switch partner again and get as many points as possible in the next 10 minutes.  After the three games, the two who have the most points goes against the two who have the most points of another court and repeat the 3 games as stated above at the A level.   Those who have the lowest will play the two with the lowest from the other court at B level. 

Again the two in the A level game who get the highest points, will move on to the AA level game to determine first (King of the Court) to fourth place (based on total points received during the AA level games). The two that had the lowest points in the A level games will play those  who had the top two scores on B level game will play in the BB level games to determine 5th -12th place, based on accumulated points of the BB level games compared to  the eight players in the BB level games). Those who had the lowest scores in the B level games will now play in the C level games to determine 13th to 16th place (last place).  

Round Robins & Shoot outs are a quick way to determine if your rating is correct amongst similar rated players.

Ladder Play (included with Competitive membership)
Available to CTPA members only.  Also known in some associations as single’s league.  Although Ladder Play is sometimes identical to a shootout, there can be differences. The ladder essentially ranks the top players in a given skill rank and allows them to set up matches in an organized way with all other good players of the same rank. Matches are set up and completed at the schedule of the participants and scores are reported back to a central source who tracks results and re-posts ratings regularly. A shootout is a group event, with people moving up and down within two sets of games on the same courts on the same day while, in comparison, the ladder can sometimes be held when the competitors can arrange court time and over several weeks.  Ladders will be held with at least 8 people as many as 32. Ladders will be measure via wins, losses and number of points obtained. More details will follow.    

Doubles League Play (small fee to enter)
Available to CTPA members only. What can be more fun than Tournament Play? That would be League Play.  League Play is by rank and is played with the same teammate (Partner Play) during the whole season. The League will have many teams where your team will play against every other team in the league during the season.  At the end of the season, the top four or eight teams will have a play off to determine the champion of the League.  This is a unique offering to the region and a great chance to improve your doubles play with your partner. We are planning a Fall 2017 League Play!  More details and prices will follow.

Also for 2018 we are considering “6.0-6.5 league” and “7.0- 7.5 league”. You are rated a 4.0 and your friend is a 2.5, then consider joining the “6.0-6.5 League” against others who’s combine rating is between “6 & 6.5”.  Or if you and your partner’s rating equals 7 to 7.5, then join that league.  Based on the interest we would consider having this as a fun way to have a partner at a different rating, competition against teams with similar ratings. 

CTPA Practice & drilling sessions: (Free to  Competitive members) May be limited and available of a sign up basis.
Our motto is “Taking your play to the next level”, and practice is important to improve and we do not do enough of it.  That will change being a Competitive CTPA member. We will set regular practice sessions to focus on one or two parts of the game where you can spend an hour or more improving one part of your game.T hese practices will include third shots, dinking, blocks, smash, ground stroke techniques, spins, serves, and other parts of the games.  Available to all members but sign ups may be required. We will have certain times available to social members.

Singles Play: If there is an interest and enough people we are looking to also include singles play which could include round robins and leagues.

Lessons: (none, small or larger fees) Lesson availability is a big part of more focused improvement. There are many different types of lessons from 30 to 60 minute private lessons, group lessons on a specific issue to more intensive day/weekend camps for higher level players.  All lessons and instructors will be pre-approved and offered via CTPA. There will be no independent instructors on the eight outdoor courts who can give lessons during CTPA or even during “public time”.  All instructors and their lesson plans must be approved by CTPA in advanced, and advertised via CTPA web site. Payment for lessons will be through CTPA and not directly to the instructor.  Some lessons may be offered to the general public but there will be a discount for CTPA members in those cases.  We will have exclusive membership only free lessons available from time to time.