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CTPA PB-1 Class: Beginners

Program Fee:  Program Fee: $48.   Cranberry Resident: $43.
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This is a great introduction to pickleball. Learn scoring, terminology, and rules. The class focuses on basic grips, ground strokes, serves, and returns. Participants play to learn the rhythm of the game and discover how much fun it is. Includes a pickleball and paddle to take home with practice instructions, as well as a $25 credit to use for a Social or Competitive CTPA membership. Also includes assigned court times for practice as well as one free indoor pass during Open Session for Beginners. Register 2 weeks in advance to save $10 off registration fee. To see the Class Student Agenda for PB-1, click here.

CTPA PB-2 Class: Learning the Soft Game

Rates:   Program Fee: $45.    CTPA Member $20.
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So, you think that power is the name of the game for Pickleball? The game of Pickleball combines both power and finesse.  Most beginners attempt to power all their shots past their opponents. But just watch any professional Pickleball match and you will see over 90% of the time the players hit a soft third shot just over the net. This is then followed by a series of short shots (dinking) within the non-volley zone (NVZ or kitchen). Why is this strategy employed by all advanced players?  This course will answer this question and will place you on the path to the next level.

Your instructor, Larry Barbiaux, a 4.5 rated tournament player, will explain and demonstrate the skills required to master the “soft game”.  You will have the opportunity to practice these skills and take away many drills that you can use to practice on your own. A brief review of the serve and return of serve will be included with the demonstration of the “third shot”, dinking, and the lob shot. Non-members will quality for a $25 credit on a CTPA Social or Competitive Membership current rate.  
To see the Class Student Agenda for PB-2, click here.

Learn more about class instructor Larry Barbiaux

CTPA PB-3 Class: Tactics & Strategies       

Program Fee:   Program Fee: $45    CTPA Members: $20.   
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This is an advanced class for those who can land 95% or more of their serves and returns along with having a consistent third shot. Instructor James LaRosa, a 4.5 Tournament Player, leads this class. “This will be a Strategies & Tactics class adapted for players rated 2.5, 3.0, or 3.5. James developed a whole new agenda to help people improve their games. That includes foot positioning and movement from one spot to another. While touch and stroke remains very important to pickleball, many players can improve by understanding the game’s strategy.” It will be taught indoors on three courts in the Cranberry Municipal Center gymnasium. Class size is limited to 12 people (Sells out very fast!). Only one class of PB-3 will be offered each season, excluding winter.Non-members will qualify for a $25 credit on a CTPA Social or Competitive Membership current rate. 

Learn more about class instructor, James LaRosa

To see the Class Student Agenda for PB-3, click here.