X-Cel Gymnastics

Lights, Camera, X-Cel!

Training gymnasts for world-class competition has never been the primary goal of X-Cel Gymnastics – even though it happens often! Since its formation in 1993, X-Cel has focused on helping children from preschool through age 18 to enjoy achievement through learning gymnastics, along with helping them compete at the highest national level. 

Lindsey Stancil is the owner and head coach of X-Cel.  As she sees it, everyone is encouraged to train toward reaching their highest potential.  “No matter what level they are, we want them to experience the excitement of achievement though learning,” she said. Learning is evident at X-Cel as they are proud to host the most Level 10 gymnasts in the area, and is home to two Junior Olympic National Bar champions. 

(photo) Members of X-Cel Gymnastics' Xquisite Gymnastics Team take a break during a training session with Lindsey Stancil, the gym's owner and head coach.
Xquisite Gymnastics Team  March 2017
The instructional curriculum at X-Cel is designed to enable each child to feel success, regardless of their attainment level.  Classes are built upon a system of progression that teaches skills based on core fundamentals to demonstrate each child’s incremental achievements. Accomplishing levels is measured on an individual basis.  The athletes who compete at the highest levels spend approximately 25 hours in the gym per week. 

Creating a fun-filled, exciting atmosphere, coupled with individualized attention where personal safety is always a priority, are paramount goals for the X-Cel staff – all of whom are certified in CPR and First Aid.  Strength, flexibility and coordination, which are the platforms that gymnastic accomplishments are built on, are among the school’s basic instructional goals.  

Most X-Cel students are children – although drop-in adult fitness classes are offered as well.  High school and college athletes – both male and female – who are involved in basketball, football, or track, are also among those signing up for classes to help gain flexibility. Classes are available for homeschool/cyber school schedules and adaptive curriculums are offered for children with special needs.
But the parents of children enrolled in X-Cel’s programs are a special constituency for the company.  Although it maintains comfortable waiting and observation areas, X-Cel’s open gym policy encourages parents to watch closely as their children learn to move their bodies through tumbling, climbing and working the various pieces of apparatus available there.  

Beyond conventional gymnastics, X-Cel also offers preschool classes for children as young as 12 months and classes in cheerleading for children starting at age four.  Outside of its training program, X-Cel also provides clients with high-energy birthday parties, holiday activities and theme parties throughout the year.  

X-Cel Gymnastics is located at 220 Executive Drive and at nearby 512 Thomson Park Drive – both in Cranberry Township.  The locations are convenient to Township residents and close to the interchange of Interstates 76 and 79 for those in the surrounding area.  X-Cel currently enrolls more than 1,750.  For details about enrollment at X-Cel call 724-772-0055, or email them at office@xcelgymnastics.com.