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Cranberry Township Community Chest, which we refer to by its initials, CTCC, started forty years ago, when Cranberry Township was a thinly settled agricultural community.  A non-profit organization, it was formed to help fund essential public services and improve the quality of life for local residents. Back then, that meant basic services including a local fire company, an ambulance corps, a municipal park and a public library. Today, Cranberry has 30,000 residents, as well as a thriving business and corporate community.  As a result, these essential services are now financed by tax revenues, subscriptions, and service fees.  But back then, they were mainly funded by voluntary contributions.

Today, a lot of the leadership and work involved in community-building still comes from Cranberry’s voluntary and nonprofit organizations.  But voluntary organizations have been in a long decline.  

So in 2008, CTCC reorganized in order to focus its fundraising and publicity efforts on supporting the work of these organizations and recognizing their volunteers. Its mission expanded to include a Project of the Year.  These projects – each of which cost between $125,000 and $500,000 – are largely funded by CTCC Community Days' Sponsors. Past projects have included an electronic Community Information sign at Cranberry’s busiest intersection, a flagstone Scout Centennial plaza and fishing pond, a world-class playground, four park-based fitness stations, a County-wide initiative to improve fire safety training and recruitment, resurfacing the Miracle League ball field and constructing a new adaptive playground, multiple SportCourts in Graham Park, a Disc Golf Course in North Boundary Park,  a transformation of the public Library, and renovating and improving the Community Park Rotary Amphitheater.

CTCC works closely with local businesses, private donors, volunteers and the Township government – and plays a central role in Cranberry’s long-range vision. They engage the community through events such as their annual CTCC Community Days festival, held over three days in July, and the Cranberry Tree Gallery in the Municipal Center each holiday season. By creating important public assets and strengthening its nonprofit and civic organizations, CTCC has helped to secure Cranberry’s reputation as a great place to live, work and play.  

The Community Info Board (at the corner of Rts. 19 and 228) is managed by CTCC. Non-profit organizations, civic groups, faith-based, and nonprofit educational organizations may submit requests to use the board to promote fundraising, community activities, and upcoming events only, in accordance with the published guidelines.  Using the Community Info Board 

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