Completely Polished

When you want your ten fingers, ten toes or entire body to look “completely” perfect – step right into Completely Polished, one of Cranberry Township’s newest nail and full body waxing salons.  Located at 20325 Rt. 19, Suite #6, the salon is locally and independently owned.  The all-female ownership prides itself on the unique relaxing environment that features superb sanitation using a hospital grade autoclave for sterilization. The salon, which specializes in exceptional manicures, pedicures, and full body waxing is open Tuesday – Friday 10 AM – 8 PM; Saturday 10 AM – 6 PM; and  Sunday 11 PM – 5 PM.

Completely Polished was recently voted Best Nail Salon in Cranberry by Trib Total Media, and the owners agree, “Our sanitation, cleanliness, friendly staff, high quality work, and relaxing environment makes our business unique.  We are completely different from any nail salon in Cranberry,” said owner Jen McClain.  “We are the only nail salon in Cranberry that does not offer acrylics.  Therefore, we eliminate most of the health hazards that could plague nail and waxing salons,” added McClain.

Residents do have a wide array of excellent nail salons to choose from in Cranberry Township, so trying to carve out a niche was important to McClain. “We are unique because our tools are sanitized in a hospital grade autoclave which sterilize our equipment using high pressures and temperatures.  This ensures that all fungus, bacteria, virus, and any other contagious materials are destroyed.”  In addition, their nail files are used only once and customers can take them home or they will be discarded.  

Completely Polished has called Cranberry Township home for the past two and a half years, as this start-up, family-oriented business planted its roots in the community in November of 2013.  “Cranberry is a great place to start a business. The area is seeing so much growth and we get a great mix of customers.  We love seeing all of our customers, if feels like we are hanging out with friends and family,” added McClain.  One of the best parts of their business is working directly with their customers.  “We have such a variety of customers that every day we are discussing different topics and telling funny stories.  It’s truly never a dull moment...except maybe during a 6+ inch snow storm,” laughed McClain. 

Completely Polished takes being a good neighbor to the next level. The salon recycles old nail polish so  it doesn’t seep into groundwater or the bottles filling up landfills. This is a free program offered to customer and non-customers alike.

Completely Polished hopes to be part of the Cranberry Township community for years to come, and perhaps add additional locations in the future. “We just want to continue being the best we can be, while making it an exciting experience for our customers, said McClain. “It’s clear we selected the perfect location,” she added.  It’s also clear Completely Polished will be painting, waxing, polishing, decorating, clipping, in the Cranberry area for years to come! 
Completely Polished Team