The Sports Grille

It’s personal for The Sports Grille at Cranberry

Owning and operating The Sports Grille at Cranberry is a family affair for Sean Pregibon, a Youngstown, OH native and President of Pregibon Hospitality Group. Whether you are a customer, a staff member, or an actual blood relative, you’re family. If you visit The Sports Grille, chances are you’ll see Pregibon there, bussing tables and greeting guests, many of whom he knows by name.

In 2001, Pregibon opened the Youngstown Sports Grille. Eleven years later, he branched eastward, opening The Sports Grille at Cranberry on Freedom Road. Cranberry was an attractive location for Pregibon, due to its proximity to family members and its reputation as a thriving, growing community. He saw the opportunity to serve an area that was young and family-oriented, offering them an independent, locally-focused restaurant dedicated to its customers.

“We specialize in hospitality,” asserts Pregibon, “We work hard to accommodate all guests by showing them kindness and respect and doing what’s right as human beings.” Kindness and respect are reoccurring themes and core values throughout the Sports Grille’s operations. Regular meetings are held with restaurant staff to reiterate these concepts, with the credo “politeness goes a long way” serving as the backbone of their operations. Pregibon credits his staff with embracing that belief and views it as the key to the restaurant’s success. “Our visitors trust our concept and know that hospitality isn’t a buzzword for us. They know that they are going to get consistent, outstanding service every time they come here.”

Pregibon modeled the restaurant after a place he would want to go himself – a place where he could bring his family, friends, and colleagues and know that all three groups would have an enjoyable experience. “Our target demographic is anyone from age 8 to 88,” explains Pregibon, “Our event room has hosted everything from baby showers to office happy hours.” The Sports Grille keeps its atmosphere fresh by undergoing near constant improvements to the facility, such as upgrades to the televisions, seating and signage, as well as seasonal changes to its menu, which Pregibon feels promotes repeat business from its strong contingent of regular customers. Further, the restaurant is meticulously cleaned every night after the business closes.

Pregibon has been approached about opening satellite restaurants in downtown Pittsburgh and Robinson Township, but right now, he is focused on his Cranberry operations. The Sports Grille at Cranberry is open 7 days a week through football season and features 40 LED high definition screens where you can watch your favorite team. But your time spent there will make you feel like a winner no matter the outcome on the field. According to Pregibon, “We have homemade recipes with local ingredients, but any restaurant can have good food. Our excellent hospitality sets us apart.”