Battery Giant

Note: This location closed, June 30, 2018.

Battery Giant charges up local businesses

Paper, plastic bottles, and aluminum cans are the usual suspects when it comes to recyclables – they can be found in every home, office, and place of business. But battery recycling is gaining speed, as businesses find it to be an effective tool in increasing operational efficiencies and promoting environmental friendliness to employees and customers.

Battery Giant Logan knew Cranberry Township was a prime location for his business efforts. He notes, “Cranberry has great mix of residential and commercial and great highway access to I-79 and the Pennsylvania Turnpike.” Plus, Logan felt the Cranberry area was undeserved in the battery market. Growing up in nearby Mars, he knew the area well and locating his business here has been a homecoming for him.
Battery Giant’s customer base has grown steadily since its opening three years ago. Logan lists a diverse group of businesses as users of his services, including local hospitals, printing companies, fire and police departments, automotive repair shops, lawn and garden stores, retirement communities, and many others. As he very concisely observes, “Everybody uses batteries!” Educating future generations is a key priority for the business. To help create awareness at an early age and challenge students in the area, Battery Giant is hosting the 2015 Earth Day Student Battery Recycling Challenge.

From April 1 through April 22, every student visiting the store to recycle batteries will be entered into a drawing to win a $500 cash prize for their school. The contest is open to all preschools and public and private institutions, and the drawing will be held to celebrate Earth Day. The student that recycles the most batteries during the promotion will win the Student Leadership Award. All participants will receive coupons to other local businesses.

Note: This business closed, June 2018.