Cranberry Physical Therapy

Cranberry Physical Therapy owner comes home

After 26 years of experience working in the physical therapy field, longtime Cranberry Township resident Dale Reckless decided to take the plunge and open his own business in the Township. “I kept getting a consistent message from neighbors and friends, ‘I wish your office was closer so that I could come to see you!’” remembers Reckless. After beginning his career in 1989 in Rochester, New York, he moved to Pittsburgh in 1991 to practice at the Harmarville Rehabilitation Hospital. He spent more than 22 years there, working in all areas of physical rehabilitation, starting an amputee support group and managing the outpatient department. In 2014, he joined MRS Physical Therapy as a facility director of the Bridgewater location, but it wasn’t Cranberry. “Living in Cranberry, raising my family here and going to church here – it just made sense to work here, too,” explains Reckless.

So, in October 2015, Reckless opened Cranberry Physical Therapy at 20820 Route 19 beside the North Park Deckhouse restaurant. Focusing on serving the special therapy needs of community members, Reckless made an immediate impact. In addition to working with patients suffering from Parkinson’s disease, stroke, Multiple Sclerosis, vestibular dizziness, and concussions, Reckless also caters his services to amputees and individuals suffering from work place injuries. The clinic features a balance center to aid in improving balance related challenges, such as falls or unsteadiness. Recently, Reckless created a Parkinson’s support group, which meets at the facility monthly and hosts 20 members.

Though the practice has only been open for a few months, Reckless and his efforts have been warmly welcomed by the community. Of note, Cranberry Physical Therapy is a family practice that strives to serve all members of the community, regardless of their insurance coverage. “I love to answer people’s questions and provide education on the benefits of physical therapy when I see them out at the park, the store, at church, or at the kids’ sporting events,” mentions Reckless. “I appreciate the benefits of working with people that are your neighbors and are part of such a great community like Cranberry.”

Cranberry Physical Therapy
Dale Reckless and Chris Petrella of Cranberry Physical Therapy are focused on meeting the special therapy needs of the Cranberry community.