Nancy TriscuitNancy Triscuit - Group Fitness Coordinator

ACE certified Group Fitness Instructor, Yoga Certified (Yoga Alliance 200 hour RYT), AFAA Certified Personal Trainer, Silver Sneaker Certified, Les Mills Certified Body Pump Instructor, Pilates certified.

People ask me all the time – don’t you ever get tired of teaching and/or aren’t you tired of teaching here? Well, over the years, there have been so many changes in the fitness industry that it’s hard to get bored! I work with people of all ages from the Preschoolers through the retired active-agers. Of course, my whole philosophy has changed.  Thirty-four years ago I didn’t have a clue. Today I have lots of clues – they are the people in my classes, including me! I may have had to find ways to adapt what I do to fit my changing body for many reasons but the big take away is that there is almost always something you can do to sustain or improve your quality of life. Just because I don’t do high impact anymore doesn’t mean I don’t do high intensity! Do I do it every day? No, I do not – I cross-train – doing Low impact cardio and strength classes and Yoga, Pilates and Balance training for flexibility and to be able to stand up straight as I continue to age actively. I have found that Yoga doesn’t always have to mean a Sweaty Vinyasa class

Yoga is breath – a gentle yoga class or meditation is just as much Yoga as Vinyasa-style (and sometimes is just what our body needs!). I always want to be able to get down on the floor (and get up again!) with my grandchildren! I want to go hiking and kayaking and enjoy life. I feel like I was meant to teach fitness and here we have such a wonderful diverse community. I love that our classes are smaller than the big gyms, more intimate. I love getting to know our participants and how we all share stories and recipes and doctors and plumbers.  I love that if you are new and come in to class, you are welcomed. I love the instructors that I teach with – they inspire me every day with their dedication to our program and I just love them as people. So, do I ever get tired of teaching here? Heck no! I’ve been teaching for 35 years – 27 of them here and I still love it!

Michelle Jones web

Michele Jones’ passion for fitness began when she was in high school. While most of her friends were sleeping in on summer break she was up and grooving to dance aerobics on the television. That desire led her to begin her fitness career as a certified dance aerobics instructor in 1993. In 2011 she decided to pursue certifications in other fitness formats. Michelle is devoted to guiding her clients through a safe, well-designed class that emphasizes on the use of proper biomechanics. Her classes focus on muscular strength and endurance training, flexibility techniques, with an added cardiovascular component. Michelle is a certified AFAA Group Fitness instructor. She is also a certified instructor for R.I.P.P.E.D™, bootybarre Plus®, bootybarre Sculpt®, bootybarre Platinium®, and bbarre less®. She has additional training in body sculpting and designing high intensity interval training programs.

Michelle also works full-time for a pharmaceutical company as a project coordinator in Warrendale. She enjoys spending time watching her husband drag race at racetracks in the Tri-State area in the summer. She adores her furry four legged family of Roxie, Boo, Diesel, Jax, and Nacho. Michelle has managed to get Jax to join her exercise program by going to agility classes with him.  Agility is one of the fastest growing dog sports in the country, and provides an incredible workout for both Michelle and Jax. 

Dana Stelitano loves Yoga. "After many,many years of wanting to be a fitness instructor, I completed my YogaFit certification. It’s never too late to follow your dream. It’s an honor to teach at the fitness center at the municipal building. I reside in Cranberry Township with my husband and our two teenage boys. Additionally, I work with middle to high school students as an SLP."

Lisa George loves teaching and has been doing group exercise for years.  "I also like to do many outdoor activities and try to encourage my family as well.  Classes are a way of meeting people, interacting, and maintaining health, but this is just the surface.  Our lives are complex and while there are many factors that influence our well-being, like faith and family, I am certain exercise leads to a healthy lifestyle which leads to balance, emotional and mental stability, and happiness.  I do not have a personal favorite type of class, so I teach many types, styles, and formats and hold many certifications.  Currently, I am teaching barbell, yoga, and Zumba classes for Cranberry Township.  Fitness is more than “working out”, so come join us! You will see what it means to me and so many others."

Dana Mikula, is a licensed Zumba instructor and ZIN member since 2008. "I've been leading fitness classes since 1989 because I am fascinated by how our bodies work! Over the years I have been trained and certified in aerobics, Jazzercise, group exercise, step, cycling, senior fitness, Pilates, and Barre. I’ve ran several full marathons, enjoy challenges, and LOVE music. Now, I exclusively lead Zumba classes. I gave up my career as a pediatric critical care nurse to be a full-time Mom. I feel so fortunate to have recently relocated to the Cranberry area with my husband, two teenage daughters, and two large rescue dogs. I enjoy Zumba cruises, my friends, and meeting new people. I feel so blessed to do what I love and love what I do."

Amy Wilks, is Yoga Certified (RYT200), Yoga Alliance Member, and holds a Children's Yoga Certification. "I began practicing yoga in 2008 with the intention of rounding out my fitness regime. After practicing on and off for a couple of years, I realized that yoga was so much more, and I began to actively deepen my practice through an understanding of the power of breath. In August 2016, I received my certification to teach children’s yoga through Yoga In Schools, a 501(c)(3) organization that provides yoga programming and teacher training in the Pittsburgh area. In June 2018, I completed my 200-hour teacher training through The Yoga Hive in Pittsburgh. Yoga keeps me strong and helps me to stay grounded and at peace. I believe that yoga is for every single body, and I am excited to continue to learn and to share this practice with others."

Kelly Riddle has been teaching and creating fitness classes in the community for 28 years, and personal training for 14 years. As a former police officer, she taught fitness segments in the municipal police academy and worked closely with the community to educate residents. Her experience as an officer afforded her numerous opportunities to be formally trained in influencing people to make healthy choices and understanding why people make bad choices. She continues educating herself everyday by reading the latest in exercise research, looking at the trends in the industry and attending a variety of continuing education courses. 

Kelly says, "Just as variety is the spice of life, I believe the same about health and fitness. My workouts and classes are created with variety in mind; not allowing the body to become complacent.  I am passionate about creating workouts that result in clients and participants wanting more (not wanting to quit).  I build exercise programs with a focus on form and function. My motto is, "Get comfortable with being uncomfortable. You never improve if you accept the status quo." 

Kelly's certifications include: NETA Certified Personal Trainer; NETA Certified Group Fitness Instructor; Precision Nutrition Exercise & Sports Nutrition Certified; and she holds a B.S. in Communications from Ithaca College.

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Jen CranstonJennifer Cranston has been teaching since 2005- certified group fitness instructor and personal trainer. She loves kickboxing, step and all things cardio, but also enjoys weight training. Jen and her husband have been married for 24 years and have two daughters, ages 11 and 16.

Kristie Vassallo webKristie Vassalo (bio coming)

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