Water and Sewer Connections

Start or Stop Service

Setting up New Accounts

Call the Customer Service Center Ph: 724-776-4806, Mon.-Fri., 7:30 AM - 5:00 PM, at least one business day prior to the day you wish to start water, sewer, and trash recycling and yard waste collection services to set up a new utilities account. Click here to apply online.

  • Billing is on a monthly basis. Statements are mailed the first week of the month and due on the last business day of each month. 
  • There’s a $10 application fee, which may be reflected on the first bill. Learn more about rates and the utility billing schedule. 
  • The initial charges for trash recycling and yard waste services may be prorated.
  • If you are renting and wish to have the account in your name, a $200.00 security deposit is required along with the application.

Each residential household may be provided with one grey lid trash cart and one blue lid recycling cart. A green lid yard waste cart may also be provided.  We are responsible for the repair of carts, but not for any damage due to negligence or abuse of carts, and residents are responsible for the care and cleanliness of the cart. If you don’t have carts, Ph: 724-776-4806 or 724.265-5328 option 1.

Property Owner Responsibilities Related to Service

Any unpaid water/sewer bill becomes a lien on the property. We may place a lien against the property if there are any unpaid fees or charges for water/sewer services for the property. 

If payment is not received by the 1st of the following month, a 10% penalty fee will be added to the balance due.  We issue termination notices if the monthly bill remains unpaid after 30 days from the due date on the initial presentation of the bill.  

If renting, we mail the property owner a duplicate copy of any delinquent or termination bills due.  It would be advisable for the landlord to also retain the security deposit until you’ve verified that the tenant has paid any delinquent fees or charges due when finalizing the tenants account. 

Closing Existing Accounts

To close your utilities account and request a final meter reading for a final bill, Ph: 724-776-4806 at least one business day prior to the day you wish to discontinue service. Please have your forwarding address available when you call. Click here to use the online request form.

If you are not sure if service is available, contact:

  • Residential: Ph: 724-776-4806, x 1515
  • Commercial: Ph: 724-776-4806, x 1183

If service is available: The Township will:

  • Determine the location of your tap and water meter, if you are applying for water service.
  • Perform a water tap (2” in size and smaller – if applying for water service)
  • Provide and install your water meter and remote (1” in size and smaller – if applying for water service) Note: Billing begins when the meter is installed.
  • Provide your curb box on the service line, if you are applying for water service.
  • Perform required inspections which may include
    • Outside waterline (water service only)
    • Outside sanitary sewer line (sewer service only)
    • Sewer and/or water final (water and/or sewer service)

If service is not available, at your location: The property owner's responsibilities are:

  • Submit a Service Application and appropriate Tap Fee(s)
  • Contact and hire a contractor / plumber to install the sewer and/or water service
  • Place a Pennsylvania OneCall – dial 811. or visit: www.pa1call.org
  • Acquire all materials needed for the sewer and/or water service line including but not limited to: appropriate pipe, stone for backfill, sanitary sewer tap, water meter spread fittings, thermal expansion tank, water meter pit, grinder pump.
  • Access the sewer and/or water line from the main line into the structure.
  • Schedule the necessary inspections and water tap.

For inspections and water tap, call: 724-776-4806, x 1161. You must call by 3:00 PM to schedule an inspection for the next business day. Taps are performed on Wednesday, Thursday and/or Friday.

  • Disconnect the existing well, if applicable.
  • Abandon the existing on-lot septic system, if applicable.

Infrastructure Availability Fees

  • It’s illegal to connect a structure to the public water or sanitary sewer system without paying an infrastructure availability fee.

Infrastructure availability fees must be paid before a building permit can be issued — or a tap only permit, if no building permit is required. The fee will be in accordance with the rate schedule in force at the time of the issuance of the permit.

Water Service Connection Charges

Tap Size Meter Size Water & Sewer (in a plan) not in a plan
1 inch 3/4 inch $4,960.00 $5,345.00
1 inch 1 inch $5,048.00 $5,433.00
1 1/2 inch 3/4 inch $5,451.00 $5,836.00
1 1/2 inch 1 inch $5,539.00 $5,924.00
1 1/2 inch 1 1/2 inch $6,912.00 $7,297.00
2 inch 1 1/2 inch $7,188.00 $7,573.00
2 inch 2 inch $7,331.00 $7,716.00