Rt. 228 Corridor

A comprehensive and efficient transportation system is important to the continued growth and vitality of the Township. People, goods and services need to move efficiently and effectively in, out, and through the Township.

To remain a sustainable community, Cranberry will need to diversity its transportation options, continue the creation of a grid street system, and become a regional transportation leader.

Our long-range goals are:

  1. Connectivity - Improve connectivity and mobility to become a community with a grid network of interconnected streets, sidewalks and trails; and connect and expand local pedestrian and street networks to access key north/south and east/west transportation corridors.
  2. Transportation Options - Provide a variety of transportation options for residents, employers, workers, and visitors.
In 2008, the citizen survey clearly indicated that travel - to/from, in and around the community was one of the top challenges facing the Township.The Rt. 228 corridor was listed as a priority project.

Recent updates, presented to the Board of Supervisors and the community regarding Rt. 228

Route 228 TND Corridor Overlay
Route 228 Corridor Overlay
Route 228 Corridor Master Plan
Route 228 Corridor Master Plan