Nature Trail

Nature-Trail-ToursCranberry Highlands Golf Course received certification in Environmental Planning from the Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary Program in 2009. A nature trail was then established in a wooded area between holes three and four. Community organizations including the Boy Scouts have been involved in the development of the Cranberry Highlands Nature Trail.

Cranberry Highlands maintains a balanced environment in which golfers and wildlife live and play in harmony. Insect control, for example, is accomplished by providing homes to birds for whom insects are a diet staple. A growing variety of owls, butterflies, bats, hawks, deer, amphibians, fish and small animals now live in a natural ecosystem where wildlife thrives and golfers flourish.

Most of the man-made features you will see along the trail were created from natural materials which are indigenous to the area or made from recycled manufactured items including golf cart windows, pipe, and scrap lumber.

Cranberry Highlands Nature Trail Tours

  • Tours may be booked on Saturday mornings only, by appointment.
  • There is a 10 person minimum
  • For more information or to book a tour, call 724-776-7372 x 1201

Nature Trail Map

Cranberry Highlands Nature Trail map