Residential Permits

Most residential construction projects require a building permit.

Residential Building and Zoning Permit Package
Permit types, project requirements, descriptions, and permit applications, including:
  • Type I Residential Building Permit Application
  • Type II Residential Accessory Zoning Permit Application (also available online)
  • Contact Information
Type II Residential Accessory Zoning Permit Online Application
If you're constructing any of the following, and would like to apply on line, please use the above application:
  • deck (<30" from grade)
  • shed
  • greenhouse
  • carport
Request for Occupancy Form for new home construction only
No Impact Home Based Business
Affidavit of Exemption for Workers Compensation

Inspection reminder - All permits that have been issued for those decks, pools, or basements need to have the final inspection completed to close out the permit. Please call the inspection scheduling line at 724-776-4806, x 1161 to schedule your inspection today.

Plan Ahead - If you're planning on that spring/summer project, the PAUCC allows up to fifteen (15) working days for review of your residential building plans.

Deck Guide - Want to try your construction skills, looking for some tips on building that deck, or simply need some's a link to the American Wood Council Residential Wood Deck Construction Guide based on the 2015 IRC.

To receive your Building Permit by mail: Provide a self-addressed envelope with postage, or packaging to accommodate all materials that are to be returned, with your Permit payment. Or, with an air bill and the proper payment account numbers, your materials and Permit can be returned to you via FedEx or UPS.

Additional Information
  • Fence Facts
  • Property Code Enforcement, Chapter 5
  • On-Lot Sewage Permit review, issuance, inspections and enforcement (Requires 3rd party involvement)
    Applications are available from Customer Service in the Township Offices. For more information, visit the  PA Dept. of Environmental Protection website.

Pennsylvania Consumer Protection Law

Home improvement contractors must be registered and licensed by the Office of the Attorney General. Pennsylvania Home Improvement Consumer Information.

Please Note: Cranberry Township is not involved in the enforcement of the PA Home Improvement Consumer Protection Act 132.