Save on your water bill with a deduct meter

Deduct Meter Options

A deduct meter enables customers to realize a savings for water that does not enter the sanitary sewage system. Examples of water that does not enter the system: lawn sprinkler systems, swimming pools, washing vehicles.

Is a deduct meter right for me?

  • Deduct meters can be used by residential and business customers. The savings appears on the sewage portion of the monthly Sewer & Water bill.
  • A typical home uses 30,000 gallons per year for outside watering, which may save you two to three hundred dollars per year.

Deduct Meter Request

Contact our Customer Service Center with questions. Ph: 724-776-4806

Pricing, requesting a meter, and meter drawings
Sprinkler System Drawings

Deduct Meter Installation Guidelines

  • The installation site of the deduct meter must be within 3 feet of the existing domestic water meter spread. 
  • Only the outside hose bibs (faucets) and lawn sprinkler systems can be connected to the deduct meter. (nothing internal)
  • Cranberry Township will install the deduct meter and the remote reader. Under normal installations (i.e. unfinished basements or open areas) the Township will install the wire for the remote reader.
  • If the deduct meter is to be installed in a finished basement, in a closet or boxed-in area, it is the responsibility of the customer to run the remote wire from the deduct meter spread to the remote reader location on the outside of the structure.
  • The remote wire will be furnished by the Township and must be in-place before a deduct meter will be installed.
  • The deduct meter remote location must be within one foot of the existing remote reader location.
  • If the remote wire exits the structure below ground level, a conduit must be installed (including pull-string) starting inside the structure and extending one foot above the finished grade.
  • If the deduct meter is plumbed to a lawn sprinkler system, a reduced pressure zone backflow prevention device is required.
  • A backflow device is supplied and installed by customer.
  • The deduct meter cannot be installed more than 5 feet from floor, without prior approval from the Township.
  • All installations of backflow prevention devices must be tested after installation. 
Deduct Meter Testing Forms            

A copy of the test results, along with tester's current certification and liability insurance, must be submitted to Cranberry Township. Test forms are available Ph: 724-776-4806 x 1515.