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One-Time Sewer Credit Use this form when: You are starting a lawn at a newly built home; filling a newly built pool for the first time; or topping-off your pool. This form requests a credit for the sewer charges that would otherwise be associated with water used in starting a new lawn or filling a new swimming pool. Note: The request must be for the current year. Sewer Credit Request 

Water Leak Credit Adjustment. Use this form when: Your home has had a significant water leak due to a broken pipe or meter. This form requests relief from the sewer charges associated with water lost in the leak. Apply for a credit on your sewer service charges,

Temporary Shut-Off. Use this form when: You will be away for an extended period or are changing tenants in a rental property you own and want the Township to shut-off water to that account from the curb.

New Construction Meter Request. Use this form when: You are a contractor building a structure that needs water service at the construction site. This form requests Township water service and the installation of a temporary water meter during construction. Fees are involved. Construction Meter Request Form

Home Inspection: Water Turn On/Off Request. Use this form when: You are buying or selling an empty house and need water service for a home inspection. This form requests a Township technician to turn the water on during the inspection and turn it off when the inspection is done. There is a $50. fee for the turn-on/turn-off service. Water Turn On/Off Request Form

Moving - Request Final Reading. Use this form when: You are moving out and need to request a meter reading for a final water and sewer statement. For moves taking place the next day, call 724-776-4806 during business hours. Moving Out/ Final Reading Request 

Testing Forms

Backflow Prevention Tester

Double Check Valve Test and Maintenance Report Form

RPZ Reduced Pressure Zone Assembly

Non-Residential Establishments and Application for Wastewater Discharge Permit. New businesses moving into Cranberry Township must complete and submit this survey. Wastewater Survey  

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