Tax Information

County / Township Tax Notice Schedule
*EXTENDED DATE: July 15, 2020
Due to the coronavirus, Gov. Tom Wolf
extended the local municipal tax deadline filing date
until Wed., July 15. This date coincides with
extended state & federal filing dates.

School Tax Notice Schedule
August 1 - Mailed
September 30 - Last day at Discount
November 30 - Last day at  Face
December 31 - Last day w/ Penalty
 Current Tax Rates
Real Estate Property Tax (does not include County or School District tax)
13.25 mills
Earned Income (0.5% Township, 0.5% School District)
Local Services Tax
Real Estate Transfer Tax (does not include State or School District tax)
Business Privilege/Mercantile Tax
1 mill

Real Estate (Property) Tax Collection Procedures and Schedule of Tax Notices 
Real estate taxes may be paid at a 2% discount within two months from the date of the tax notice. Payments made between two months and four months after the notice are payable at face value. After that, the penalty for late payment is ten percent of the amount of the tax. Unpaid taxes are turned over to the Butler County Tax Claim Bureau after one year. A sheriff’s sale is conducted on the property if settlement is not made within one additional year.

Cranberry’s government operations are financed by a combination of user fees and taxes on real estate, business revenues, individual earned income, property transactions, and local employment. The Township uses both contractors and elected tax collectors to collect recurring tax payments. Butler County’s Recorder of Deeds collects real estate transfer taxes at the time a property is sold. Real Estate Property Taxes are based on Butler County’s property assessment in 1969 dollars. 

Township Budget and Financial Reports 

Cranberry Tax Rate History Property tax rates in mills for Township residents and property owners from 1973 to the present.

Major Real Estate Tax Payers A listing of the Township’s largest real estate taxpayers. Their combined assessment represents more than 15% of Cranberry’s total assessed property value.

Property Tax Office The office of the elected property tax collector, P.J. Lynd, located in the Municipal Center. He is responsible for collecting Cranberry Township property taxes, Butler County property taxes, and Seneca Valley School District property taxes, as well as for certifications on property and mobile homes being sold or refinanced, as well as for other property-related information. Contact the tax office, Ph: 724-776-1103.

Earned Income Tax The Earned Income Tax for Cranberry Township is 1% on the earned income of Cranberry Township residents, regardless of where they work. The Act 511 tax is collected by our appointed collector, Berkheimer Tax Administrator, and distributed equally between the Township and the Seneca Valley School District. Earned income tax should be reconciled on a form provided by the tax collector by April 18.  Taxpayers may use the Berkheimer website to submit online payments or visit the local office for Butler County at 103 South Duffy Road, Butler, PA 16001. Ph: 866-701-7206.
Local Services Tax The Local Services tax is $52 a year for everyone who works in Cranberry Township, including self-employed persons. People who earn less than $12,000 per year are exempt from the tax. This tax is collected by our appointed tax collector, Berkheimer Tax Administrator.

Business Privilege / Mercantile Tax & Licenses Cranberry levies a 1 mill tax ($1 per $1,000) on gross receipts for product sales, services and rental income provided by companies based in the Township. This tax is collected by our appointed tax collector, Berkheimer Tax Administrator.

Real Estate Transfer Tax The Real Estate Transfer Tax rate is 2% of the property sales price; Cranberry’s share of that is 0.5%, the state gets another 1%, and Seneca Valley School District gets 0.5%. It is levied on all property transfers in the Township. For details, visit the Butler County Recorder of Deeds.