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  1 Links of Cranberry

Final, Phase I, Planned Residential Development approval for 21 single family residential lots and 20 Townhome units to be located at the corner of Glen Eden Road and Freshcorn Road on 23 acres in the R-3 zoning district.
Glen Eden Road Partners


BOS approval - 4/4/13
  2 Madison Heights

Thirty-four (34) single family residential lots in the R-1 zoning district on Freshcorn Road.

Madison Heights Associates


BOS approval – 6/3/04
  3 St. Kilian Parish

29,255 square foot Religious Establishment and 5,217 Maintenance building for St. Kilian Parish located at 7088 Franklin Road on approximately 32 acres in the R-1 zoning district.
    St. Kilian Parish

BOS approval – 4/2/2015
  4 Firebirds Restaurant

6,500 square foot Restaurant located at 7300 Cranberry Springs Drive within the Cranberry Springs Development in the C-3 zoning district.

Sippel Enterprises LP


BOS approval - 3/3/2016
  5 Foxmoor

40 townhouse units and 10 apartment buildings (212 units) located on Ehrman Road.

Larry Dorsch


BOS approval – 7/1/03
  6 Carriage Manor, Phases 2 & 3

34 single family residential lots located off Myoma Road (Adams Township).

Rocco Viola


BOS approval – 8/4/05
 7 BelleVue Park

Revised Tentative Planned Residential Development approval for a Traditional Neighborhood Development (TND) totaling 289 residential units consisting of 104 multi-family units, 81 townhouse units, and 104 single family residential lots located along Rochester Road.

Weaver Master Builders


BOS approval – 3/8/07
 8 Foxwood Estates

15 single family residential units off Majestic Drive (Carriage Manor). 
Foxwood LP


BOS approval –  3/6/08
 9 Park Place, Phase M3 

Fourteen (14) buildings, sixty-seven (67) units on 63.39 acres off Powell Road and Rochester Road. .
Park Place Development Associates


BOS approval – 6/6/13
 10 Wakefield Estates

Twenty-seven (27) single family residential lots located along Glen Rape Road.

Level II Corporation


BOS approval – 6/7/07
 11 Franklin Crossings, Phases 1 & 2 

Fifty-eight (58) Single Family Residential Lots located at the intersection of Franklin Road and Goehring Road on approximately 44 acres in the R-1 zoning district.
SCI Development Co.


BOS approval - 10/25/07
 12          Century Business Park, Phase 2

Construction of Phase 2 consisting of a one story, 26,861 s.f. Business or Professional Office building 9.8 acres at the corner of Ehrman Road and Route 19 in the PIC zoning district.
Sampson Morris Group


BOS approval - 4/26/12
 13 Glen At Woodside

Consider a Final Planned Residential Development application for seventy-two (72) single family residential lots including one remnant lot located along Darlington Road on 51 acres in the R-2 zoning district.           
The Glen at Woodside LP

BOS approval - 2/5/2015
 14 Burns Industrial

Consider a Preliminary and Final Land Development application for a one story, 60,572 square foot Heavy Equipment Sales and Service facility located at 210 Thorn Hill Road on approximately 6.1 acres in the SP-1 zoning district.          
Burns Industrial Equipment

BOS approval - 2/5/2015
 15 Walden Pond Phase III

Construction of Nine (9) Single Family Residential Lots located along Burke Road on approximately 20 acres in the R-1 zoning district. 
 Flash Point Partners

BOS approval - 9/5/2013
 16 Eden Square Apartments

Construction of Final, Phase 2, Planned Residential Development approval for eight (8) apartment buildings consisting of 240 apartments to be located at the corner of Glen Eden Road and Freshcorn Road on 17 acres in the R-3 zoning district. 
 Morgan Management

BOS approval - 6/6/2013
 17 Ehrman Farms, Phase 9

Construction of twenty-two (22) Single Family Residential lots located along Old Ehrman Road on approximately 16.7 acres in the PRD zoning district.   
Ehrman Farms LP

BOS approval - 7/30/2013
 18 Planet Fitness

Construction of a 27,835 square foot Recreation & Instructional Facility to be located at 47 Dutilh Road on approximately 3.4 acres in the SU-1 zoning district.
TG3 Real Estate - Cranberry LLC

BOS approval - 3/31/2016
 19 Village of Cranberry Woods, Phase 2 

Construction of a 63,363 square foot Community Character Development and Large Land Development including Drive-Thru Restaurant, Restaurant, Office, Large Retail, as well as a Hotel (361 rooms), and 300 total residential units in the form of townhomes, live/work townhomes and apartment units located along Longtree Way and Cranberry Woods Drive on 57.11 acres in the CCD-2 zoning district. 
VC Woods Associates LP

BOS approval - 5/6/2015
 20 Marriott Town Place

Construction of a five (5) story, 59,047 square foot, 96 room Hotel on approximately 2.84 acres located at 2020 Coolsprings Drive in the C-3 zoning district.
Cranberry Springs Development Group LP

BOS approval - 6/4/2015
 21 WoodSpring Suites

Construction of a  four (4) story, 45,052 square foot, 124 room Hotel to be located at 102 Wisconsin Avenue on 2.3 acres in the SU-1 zoning district.
 Wood Spring Suites

BOS approval - 9/3/2015
 22 Panda Express

Construction of a 2,233 square foot Drive-Thru Restaurant to be located at 20101 Route 19 in the Cranberry Mall on approximately .89 acre in the C-3 zoning district.
 Panda Express Inc.

BOS approval - 9/3/2015
 23 Hope Lutheran Church Expansion

Construction of a 6,600 square foot expansion to an existing Religious Establishment located at 8070 Rowan road on .89 acres in the SP-1 zoning district. 

Hope Lutheran Church

BOS approval - 6/2/2016
 24 Cochran Collision Center

Alterations to a one story, 24,490 square foot existing building for an Automobile Repair Facility located at 102 Park Road on approximately 2.64 acres in the TLI zoning district.
#1 Cochran Automotive
 BOS approval - 6/30/2016
 25 Best Western Plus Hotel

Construction of a six (6) story, 67,910 square foot, 101 room Hotel to be located at 5001 Cranberry Springs Drive on 2.18 acres in the BPK zoning district.
Cranberry Inn, LP

 BOS approval - 6/2/2016
26  Noah's Event Center

Construction of a one story, 7,840 square foot Event Center which will be located at 10020 Pendleton Way (Village of Cranberry Woods) in the CCD-2 zoning district.  
VC Woods Associates LP

 BOS approval 5/5/2016
27 Forest Edge

Fifty-nine (59) Single Family residential Lots located at the intersection of Hope Road and Woodlawn Road on approximately 65 acres in the PRD zoning district.
Forest Edge LP

 BOS approval 3/31/2016
28  Homewood Suites

Construction of a four story, 100,282 square foot, 116 room Hotel to be located within the Village of Cranberry Woods at 2017 Garden View Lane on 3.6 acres in the CCD-2 zoning district. 
Cranberry Woods Hotel Associates LP

 BOS approval 3/3/2016
29 Cranberry Springs - Multi Tenant Building (Lot 1-D-1)

Construction of an 18,000 square foot Retail building located within the Cranberry Springs development on approximately 4.13 acres in the C-3 zoning district at 2080 Mackenzie Way.
Sippel Enterprises, LP

 BOS approval 6/2/2016
30  Ron Lewis Pre-Owned Expansion 

Construction of an additional 75 parking spaces to an existing parking lot located at 20839 Route 19 on 1 acre in the SU-1 zoning district.
Ron Lewis Automotive

 BOS approval 2/4/2016