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2015 Township Projects



In 1995, during the development of Cranberry Township’s second comprehensive plan, residents voiced a strong desire for a community that was walkable and pedestrian friendly. As a result, the Township rewrote codes and ordinances to require that sidewalks be constructed as part of all new developments. Since that time, the sidewalk and trail network in Cranberry Township has grown from 55 miles in 1995 to 165 miles in 2015. That’s 110 new miles of sidewalks and trails!

While that growth has been significant, it has also resulted in “sidewalks to nowhere.” This year, the Township built three projects, in an effort to begin regularly filling in those missing links. These projects, consisting of one trail and two sidewalks, are described below

Before After
Commonwealth-Dr-Sidewalk-Before Commonwealth-Dr-Sidewalk-After
Commonwealth Drive and Pennwood Place
This sidewalk is located at the intersection of Commonwealth Drive and Pennwood Place, in Thorn Hill Industrial Park, where two tiny missing pieces kept pedestrians from walking all the way along Commonwealth Drive.
Brush Creek Trail Before
Brush Creek Trail at Thorn Hill Industrial Park
One project, also in the Thorn Hill Park, involved finishing a trail approximately of one-third mile long, parallel to the Turnpike and above a sewer line. It connects the sidewalk on Commonwealth Drive with the Marshall Township trail system that abruptly ended at the municipal boundary line. Now a passage all the way through to Knob Hill Park is possible! Cranberry Township’s own Public Works crews built the new trail connection.
Powell Road and Stonehenge Way
This sidewalk is located along Powell Road, at the western entrance to The Crossings. It now links pedestrians from that neighborhood to Park Place, which had already built a sidewalk up to its property line. Phase II of Park Place will connect residents to Graham Park, made more accessible via this new sidewalk.