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Comprehensive Plan, 2015- 16 Update
Cranberry Plan logoThe Cranberry Plan, the comprehensive plan which guides Cranberry Township’s policies and legislative agenda through 2030, is undergoing an update this year.

What is an update exactly?

It’s a progress report. A chance to learn about the progress the Township is making in implementing the strategies outlined in the 2009 Cranberry Plan.

Are you looking for opportunities to get involved and provide feedback?

The update process kicked off in June, 2015 and runs through December 2016, with outreach opportunities along the way.


Do you have additional feedback or comments?  Share your thoughts with us! 
Contact us:

The draft of the Cranberry Plan Update is now available!  Simply click the above Flipbook to read or download the report.  If you would prefer, hard copies are available in the Cranberry Township Municipal Center, in the Cranberry Public Library and at the Township's Customer Service counter.  Interested in providing feedback on the report?  A 45-day comment period begins on September 12, 2016.  Email your comments to