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Stay happy, my friends. 

You may have seen him on TV – The Most Interesting Man in the World – giving his understated pitch for Dos Equis beer.  Now meet his Cranberry counterpart, the debonair and worldly spokesman for Cranberry Township’s operating departments.  

All videos were produced in-house using on-camera as well as technical talent drawn from the Township’s staff along with help from several outside volunteers. Find out what the Most Interesting Man in Cranberry Township has to say about life in our community!

The Blaze (Burning Leaves)

The Rose (Slow Down)

The Heat (Slow Down in the Summer)

The Permit (Deck and Building Permits)

The Helmet (Bike Safety)

The Burn (No Open Burning)

The Rule (Bicycle Traffic Safety)

The Bill (Paperless Bill Pay)

The Shovel (Shoveling Sidewalks in the Winter)

The Tax (Taxes in Cranberry)

The Inquiry (Ask Before Building

The Festival (CranFest)
How Cranberry Works