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Brush Creek Upgrade Open House

 Brush Creek Upgrade Open House

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Brush Creek History Timeline

Greeting Table
Brush Creek Upgrade Poster
Brush Creek Upgrade Handout
Open House Floor Plan
Table 1
History 101 PPT
Brushcreek History Timeline

Table 2
Inflow and Infiltration PPT
Average Sewer Life

Table 3
Odor Control PPT
Odor Control Studies
Odor Control
Odor Reports

Table 4
Nutrients and Regulations PPT
Impacts of Not Blending
Peak Hour Flow Description
Why Upgrade?

Table 5
Upgrade Planning Process PPT
Project Timeline
Plant Upgrade Process

Table 6
Treatment Process Alternatives PPT
Treatment Processes
Stanford Membrane Study
GE ZeeWeed Membrane
Zenon Membrane

Table 7
Financial Aspects